CiTiZEN KiNO #71: Awakening The Spirits in The Beehive


Coming Sooon ! To Regenbogenkino, Btropolis … March 7th !

( and 1st show in Italy in June !? )

Written as a proposal for the Share Festival in Turino in June, 2018… We begin with a work-in-progress version in Btropolis, to develop “the Frankenstein of our mass mediated cultures ” investigations … a long-running theme in the XLterrestrials’ artivist repetoire…

< March 07 > CiTiZEN KiNO #71: Awakening The Spirits in The Beehive at Regenbogen Kino, 19:00h

CiTiZEN KiNO is a series of tactical media navigations… a hybrid species of cinema art, media activism, theater, happening, psychomedia analysis, public forum and spectacular interventions. We begin by collecting archival media to present, re-contextualize, remix… and to analyze a variety of urgent topics for upgrading collective consciousness in our predatory and precarious times.

In this episode, we propose using as a starting point – Victor Erice’s monumental work of poetic cinema – Spirit of The Beehive ( 1973 ) – made in Spain during Franco’s fascist rule, in order to consider our own predicament of deep immersions in a globalized cybernetic regime. We utilize excerpts to transpose his meditations (and symbolism ) of what mass media has wrought upon childhood innocence, as two young sisters from a rural village are tossed into a cinematic vortex via James Whales’ Frankenstein (1931), in order to reflect upon our own unique moment of a capitalist horror show now accelerating in the brutal digital reductionism and corporate datacidal extractivism ! Mixed with a variety of other mediated horror specimens ( clips and remixes ) we will provide a rich and complex map to better understand where we are, and how we might now seek the emergency exits. Note, we also invite a few special guest analysts to go beyond just another dystopian spectacle; We discuss, debate and collect strategies from the audience.

The Context


( pic: Terror in the laboratory exhibition, in Madrid, Spain, 15 June 2016. Photograph: Paco Campos/EPA )

… 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of  the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin’s ( later Shelley )  Frankenstein novel … science museums have been preparing new exhibitions on the theme(s)…

This Guardian article – What Frankenstein means now – is an easy and useful primer… and mentions the notoriously bad article on Frankenstein by Bruno Latour re: “Loving Our Monsters”… One could say that he has since gotten a bit sharper on the crises and challenges ahead with Facing Gaia ( 2017 ) … though still weak on plans of action and how to sufficiently confront the current operating systems that are driving us towards an ecological collapse….

In other words, Dear Bruno, if you cannot mention colonialism, crapitalism +  corporations ( incl. present day names and addresses ) when discussing all our technologically-entangled dilemmas and a fucked-up planet earth, please just STFU !

to be cont.

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