Well then, if the buses run on time in the cybernetic regime …


< 17-25.01 > “Spy On Me” – Focus on Big Data – w/ Peng! Collective, Timo Daum, Felix Maschewski , Anna-Verena Nosthoff + Nina Scholz, and more,  Hau / Hebbel Theater

XLterrestrials went to this discussion and it was very worth reporting and expanding on… while we’re processing it…. here’s the write-up and frame for the panel… part of an 8-day program at the Hau:

Die Pistole ist neutral? Über informierte Naivität und Technikeuphorie With Timo Daum, Felix Maschewski, Anna-Verena Nosthoff / Moderation: Nina Scholz Part of the focus “Spy on Me” In the debates about the influence of digitization on recent elections –such as Brexit or the election of Donald Trump as American president –tech-authorities are constantly repeating the mantra that technology is neutral. The CEO of the British data firm Cambridge Analytica has stressed the impartiality of technology, and in response to critical demands for psychometric analysis by means of big data, has maintained that it’s not guns that kill people, but the hand that pulls the trigger.  Anna-Verena Nostoff and Felix Maschewski, along with Timo Daum, author of the book “Das Kapital sind wir. Zur Kritik der digitalen Ökonomie”, examine the thesis of neutrality, as proclaimed by the Silicon Valley representatives of the California ideology, discussing the political, social and economic effects and consequences of a digital capitalism in which algorithms becomes the most important machine, data become essential raw materials and information becomes our most important commodity.

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