Time For #34C3, Engines On !


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< Dec 27-30 > #34C3 in Leipzig

Keynote: Charlie Stross- Dude, You Broke the Future ! ! Weds. 27.12 – 11.30h CET … live streamed ( and archived )


XLT perspectives… coming soon !


( foto above by Benks @Algoropticon )



And we’re very excited that this year the TEAHOUSE has its own little B-side stage for lectures and presentations ( which were rejected and/or need urgent ‘last-minute’ insertion )… See full schedule here… Our C-KINO project is booked for Thurs. Nite !

< 28.12 > CiTiZEN KINO #69 : Electric Sheep Revisited v.2 - an XLT anarcho feminist critique of “blade runners” at 34c3, on the teahouse stage at 23:00h CET ( seating limited, come early… and sorry, not streamed )

( Original write-up and links to view some of the media used, HERE. )

CiTiZEN KINO #69 : Electric Sheep REvisited x2
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The XLterrestrials present an anarcho-feminist critique of the Blade Runner films, but not too get too nerdy about the films themselves ( and script debates), but as a starting point to dissect the Hollywood advertising machine and the spectacle of male-viewpoint dystopias in the context of our immediate social challenges. The idea that the technological realms will be our savior in the midst of climate breakdown, political and corporate power grabs, and wild neoliberal frenzies seems to be a fading light in a dark-wired vortex !  The questions now might be: How will we shape alternative visions for possible futures as we disarm the threats of a dismal environmental + social collapse accelerated by both the return of a rabid hyper-nationalism AND a new transnational techno-fascistic corporate state !? And what if the Sci-Fi genre “jumped the ( tech) shark” and started imagining radical new methods for transforming our present !

About:CiTiZEN KiNO is a series and hybrid platform of cinema, interactive theater, media activism + analysis, and public forum. Our earliest episodes were inspired by the idea to counteract the passive download behaviors of traditional media formats and the invasive corporate screen-machine grabs + traps. And in 2012, we presented Electric Sheep Revisited ( v.1 ) as a tribute to P.K.Dick at the C-Base hacklab in Berlin, in collaboration with Telekommunisten and Mozilla Foundation.


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more details + NOTES coming soon !

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