CiTiZEN KiNO #69 : Electric Sheep REvisited x2 ( DEC 7 )


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< Dec 7 > CiTiZEN KINO #69 : Electric Sheep REvisited x2

at Club Der Polnischen Versager, Berlin 20h

Donations welcomed.

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The XLterrestrials present an anarcho-feminist critique of the Blade Runner films, and a deconstructive media analysis of Hollywood spectacle- dystopias in context of our very realworld existential crises + social challenges. How will we shape an alternative vision for possible futures as we grapple with the immediate threats of a dismal environmental and social collapse accelerated by both the return of a rabid hyper-nationalism AND a new transnational techno-fascistic corporate state !?

CiTiZEN KiNO is a series and hybrid platform of cinema, interactive theater, media activism + analysis, and public forum. Our earliest episodes were inspired by the idea to counteract the passive download behaviors of traditional media formats and the invasive corporate screen-machine grabs + traps. And in 2012, we presented Electric Sheep Revisited ( v.1 ) as a tribute to PKD at the C-Base hacklab in Berlin in collaboration with Telekommunisten and Mozilla Foundation.


Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ was first published in 1968. Far more people will undoubtedly be familiar with the Hollywood-mangled Blade Runner films,  than the book upon which they are based. PKD’s whole body of work is an unusual treasure trove of insights and perspectives into our technologically-entangled, consumer-jacked society, and his tales are woven out of a psychedelic fusion of deep philosophical, transpersonal, sociological, technological and humanist threads. Perhaps not so surprisingly the entertainment industry latched onto his prolific output of vivid and prophetic future scenarios, and mostly reduced them to commercially-viable thrill-rides, omitting the immensely complex questions raised and their razor-sharp sociological critiques !

From an XLT perspective, Ridley Scott’s commercial industry empire ( RSA and Scott Free Productions ), while perhaps aiming for some middle ground between art house and blockbuster cinema, has in our analysis developed a new level of embedded and seductive propaganda, rather than an engaged medium for critical analysis, ethical fortifications and any proposals for social upgrades. In other words, Ridley is no antagonist to power, no agitating Kubrick ! He is more like the “Edward Bernays of science fiction” , a PR Man for our post-civil corporate-krapitalist techno-dystopian submission.

AND what does visionary, countercultural, pro-active, tactically-engaged and sci-fi-infused media look like !?! We found some incredible samples to get you thinking on a more radical track !


Some film+media specimens to explore… a possible playlist :
The new Steve Cutt’s animation “Happiness”, Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency, Jared Leto’s Beyond the Horizon interview with Boyan Slat, The Chickening by Nick DenBoer,  Mumia Abu-Jamal on Star Wars (Octavia’s Brood), A.I. media clips, Boston Dynamics footage, Sophie the 1st A.I. robot give citizenship, a PKD robot, Slavoj Zizek on A.I. and Elon Musk, Octavia’s Brood creators, Walidah Imarisha & Adrienne Maree Brown, Black Futurism, Werner Herzog’s Lo And Behold, Adam Curtis’ Hypernormalization, Arte’s series on Homo DIgitalis, Zuckerberg visiting Puerto Rico in VR, George Monbiot for Verso and Don’t Look Now, excerpts from early sci-fi films like J. Searle Dawley’s Frankenstein and Aelita, and Dick Tracy, etc.

For links to preview some of the media. … continue below: Previews:

1. Mumia Abu-Jamal on Star Wars (Octavia’s Brood) by Prison Radio Project and Grit TV

2. And more about the Octavia’s Brood project

3. United Interest by Time Weismann ( w Spanish subtitles )

4. The Chickening by Nick DenBoer

5. Steve Cutts’ Happiness

- Added -


“Beyond The Horizon.- Jared Leto interviewa Boyan Slat

Octavia’s Brood:
Walidah Imarisha & adrienne maree brown kickstarter

Mumia Abu Jamal for Oct. Brood

Zizek on AI and Musk

Feminist Frequency Blade Runner review

TomosNews – The K5 Robot Suicide –

The Chickening

Sophia AI interview with UK Tech Insider
bad copy


Happiness by Steve Cutts

ARTE’s Homo Digitalis series:
upgraded brain:
digital orgasm



PKD vimeo search

erik davis – exegesis

Waking Life ( excerpt )


History of Sci-fi films

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