RSA Films and Scott Free Productions, The Crystallizing of Corporate Sci-Fi Relations



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Warning : There will be spoilers below ! But if you haven’t seen Blade Runner 2049 yet, and would like to read some primer materials …

Here’s our pre-BR-2049 analysis and critiques:


Ridley is no Kubrick! But is he the Edward Bernays of Our Technotopian Dismaland ?!



XLT Blade Runners Analysis PART 2:

The Crystallizing of Corporate Sci-Fi Relations


In the coming piece, we will go deeper into examining RSA Films and Scott Free Productions, the history of product placement, the devolutionary impacts of Edward Bernays and Spectacle 2.o, the substitution of the Dystopian Technology Gods for PKD’s more hilarious and profound sublot of MERCERISM, the mass mediated religion-device in Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep…

Coming Soon to a Deconstructed theater near you !

Heineken, Rolls Royce, Lexus, Virgin Atlantic, Vogue Italia, are names of corporations that pop up on the front page of Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) web page. The production company was established in 1968 together with his brother Tony, who tragicly committed suicide in 2015.  Just scratching the surface of RSA Films you find that clients include some of the wealthiest business players on Planet Earth. The pinnacles – or rather nadir – of the Consumer Industrial Complex !  One of the collaborators not listed is the US military, but that’s a longer complicated story ! Of the current roster of 30 directors, it appears that maybe 4 or 5 are women, one of whom is Ridley’s daughter Jordan …

The question arises: Is Ridley Scott embedding his films with advertising, or is it a prime ALIEN specimen of  how international advertising empires have embedded themselves into cinema arts ?!

The Blade Runner franchise is the motherload of technotopian advertising, and it goes beyond selling products and brands, it is engaged in selling (corporate) trajectories !

Probably a longer essay is required to examine and analyze the details, but just to give you an inkling which may not be readily obvious to the casual ( fun escape ) movie- goer… BR2 dives into some extremely complicated and dangerous future industries, and one could argue that rather than seriously initiating a critical analysis, it normalizes them.

- A.I. meets Biotech meets Robots
- corporate “motherhood” ?
- the use of robots as police state killing machines ( LAPD )
- mediated immersions
( as new levels of porn, or as A.Huxley’s version of Soma + Feelies, now as personalized AI entertainment / relationships )

And our theory is the BR films are far more successful at promoting passive consumerism and corporate dystopias, than informing us in regards to its mechanisms, or inspiring us to resist it.  But that will probably not convince a fan base, without more specific evidence…

So some quick anecdotals… ( to be added  )

Have you noticed that people who grew up with BR1 will often discuss its “beautiful” and “incredible” aesthetics, the future cityscape ?! There really is nothing beautiful about a dead planet ! PKD’s more emphasized catastrophic scenario was not Deckard living in an abandoned luxury casino hotel ( BR2, shot in Budapest ) …  Earth and ALL its species were fucked by our future-krapitalist metropolis instabilities, radioactivity, etc. i.e. A funny quote ( to be retrieved ) on a youtube clip of the BR1’s Vangelis soundtrack reveals clearly a fan lost in the cheap (and/or highly-crafted ) allure of Hollywood aesthetics, propped with familiar celebrities, rather then processing its non-visual and alarming sociological trainwrecks. In a word: Spectacle. Overriding serious and critical content.

Added :

It’s a very straaange life being obsessive XLt psychomedia analysts + interventionists…

This morning on the serendipities overload trails : We’re on our way for a caffeine boost, and discover a bag on a doorstep with a bag full of Free Books + Dvds. Inside: The Duelists (Ridley Scott, 1977 ) and Black Hawk Down ( R.S: 2001 ) … AND a book called How To Build A Large Successful Multi-Level Marketing Organization ( Don Failla,1984 ) … And an hour earlier FaceFrack pulls up a shared memory from 2 years ago: Jared Leto interview – from a series called Beyond the Horizon in collaboration with AOL and Paradox productions – with inventor/activist Boyan Slat about his plans to clean up all the plastic in the oceans, and take some responsibility for redirecting our species from the Wastedlands of Planet Earth Inc., to a Sustainable Shared Habitat for All Species and Diverse Cultures.


Watch Clip Here ( 7min )

And just a few days ago… Bless his Oddball heart, Stephen Parr died in SF a few days ago at 63. Writer, artist, media archivist and avid celluloid collector, “orphan films” salvager, micro-cinema maker, Other Cinema label partner and film footage dealer for Oddball Films …

A spectacular trailer about his life and company resurfaces, and we had forgotten his legendary tale of selling films in the Mission District to Ridley Scott and his ad agency in the mid 8os… his first corporate client !


Watch trailer Here ( 4.38min )

.. BUT we digress…


WHAT IF you idiots in Hollywood and CEOs of advertising empires like RSA Films… WHAT IF you spent more time with humans like Boyan Slat ?  …

Makes ya wonder what a movie like Blade Runner could have been… Instead your just eroticizing the grim nihilism and corporate dystopias and filling the big players’ pockets ( and your own ) with blockbuster windfalls, while cramming our heads and mass consciousness with useless aesthetic merry-go-rounds of male ego and patriarchal feedback loops !

WHAT IF… you made the radical choice to empower more women directors ? And more activist directors ?

WHAT IF you made the radical step up, to be realisticly engaged to work on resolving our civilization’s most pressing problems… ?

WHAT IF you tried investing in a little more tangible strategy to turn the tide, as we face The 6th Mass Extinction … ?

WHAT IF we start believing we have the power to make a better world for future generations !? And if you don’t believe or you don’t care, maybe it’s time to put the next generation at the helm of the mass media machine(s) which are deeply influencing the shape of our future !

WHAT IF, instead of giving us a tour of failed hyper-krapitalist dystopias, you explored the new commons-based operating systems which many deep-thinking sociologists and science-n-tech pioneers strongly believe will be the best way to provide better chances for collaborative and multi-cultural and multi-species survival in the 21st century ?

to be cont.

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