CiTiZEN KiNO #065: The XLT Guide to The Uninhabitable …


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We are currently developing our next show…  And we are planning to take it to one of the places it’s most needed ! … And we are looking for supporters and collaborators !

Please contact us if you want to be in on our most lucrative adventure…  It’s like getting in on Bitcoins, if bitcoins were seeds and codes were soil and your key was being 3rd from the sun !

< TBA > CiTiZEN KiNO #065 : The XLterrestrial Users Guide to Making The Planet Uninhabitable ( Again  )

Did you know we have a PATREON PAGE, where you can squeeze your love letters ( not to us, to the planet…. ok, us too ) into little digits and they will come out a rabbit hole at the other end of the internetz and magically turn into public education programs in various countries where oppressed people need new tools and strategies to re-create sustainable cultures and collective intelligence … and everyone lives happily ever after !

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( Note: A small percentage of these funds goes to some dubious bank account, but nothing as odious as Amazon or the Googleplex, at least not that we know of… )

to be cont.

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