Culture + Community vs. Technotopia + Krapitalism


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Just because we have semi-solid science doesn’t mean the goals and aims are properly selected. Let’s say you want to optimize life expectancy, GDP, and minimize crime. You’d likely end up with a pure totalitarian government deciding what you can eat, drink, consume at all times, trying to guide the economy and tightly ratcheting down ideas on acceptable behavior and crime. The results could be devastating.

Science gives us methods to reach goals, it doesn’t necessarily set those goals or confirm that those goals are the right ones. “

- from the comments section,  somewhere along the overloaded web + research trails

Culture + Community vs. Technotopia + Krapitalism

A topic that highlights a key theme at the heart of our XLterrestrials technotopian critiques… and our warnings for all the advancing techn0-fascist threats, now being shaped by the industrialist science + tech sectors that have essentially become our misguiding compass and rigorous social program in our modern day un-civilization.

Contrary to the illusion that a gaggle of bozo-clown tyrants – with some variant of pseudo-religiously baked fervor – seem to be at the helm of the most powerful economies and nations on our planet, these are not the real ideologies nor power at the controls.  Those might just be mere sideshows to keep us busily running to plug the gaping holes in their mangled, spewed and short-circuiting logic circus.

Behind the curtains there may be no anthropomorphic actor(s) … just a deadly variety of well-oiled machinery, mathematical plots and business objectives  !

Though certainly the Cthulucene, as it has been obscurely and dimly detected, has names and addresses, and they are taunting you in your face daily !

Which is precisely WHY we must fight for culture and community, prior to technological progress, prior to any sound and egalitarian economic operating system, prior to democratic functioning + institutions… maybe even prior to political revolution  !

Model A or Model B

We are currently in discussion with a working group in Btropolis to imagine new directives for arts and culture in the 21s century. We are all pretty much in the realm of where art, science and technology meet, collaborate, and produce.

If it were up to the XLterrestrials our goal might be to build a time machine and evade all three fields, as they self-consciously contort themselves for the camera, the microscopes, the mirrors and archives, the money, the vanities, the power, and the need for recognition ( i.e livelihoods  ) in an operating system where there are winners and losers, abundance and scarcity, ritual users and the sacrificed.

The poetry of life has been downgraded to the utilitarianism and outputs of ego, industries, and weaponized application. It’s becoming a dismal, embarassing and bloody self-destructive epoch.

But there’s no backing away from them now, these hybrid and intertwined arts may be the only thing that can turn the living, breathing and sensing world upright again from its fouled, hijacked and victimized corpse-like state.

Our thinking this week, has been to focus on the abilities of culture to shape our worldview, construct values, and establish collaborative communities, which then become the lens and embodiments through which to navigate our shared existence + habitats.

The latest works of George Monbiot and Bruno Latour would seem to provide some clues to this essential 21st century repair + survival kit, but as yet we’ve only scratched the surface… More reading, reflection, debate will be required to draw the new maps, to unleash the new creative force.


to be cont..

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