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Five days after the week-long* Volksbuhne occupation was evicted, the Staub Zu Glitzer group organized an outdoor stage to discuss the situation, give updates and host concerts from the group Milliarden and guests from Ton Steine Scherben…

It was a fully poignant time and place to rethink an EastWest unification on the German “re-unification” holiday, Oct. 3rd. A number of well-aimed speakers put the actions and the whole Stadt Politik Diskurs into clear perspective.

We won’t have time to recap it all… but…. A few twitter feeders ( such as  Christian Heller @plomlompom , Thx ! ) at # vb6112 have grabbed some key quotes from a number of speakers, which included the likes of Christophe Knoch ( a former assistant/collaborator of Christoph Schlingensief ) from the Koalition Der Freie Szene, which creates a year-round self-organizing platform for the independent arts and culture scenes in Berlin.  He spoke not as rep for KFS, but as an individual having witnessed the energies and strategies during the assemblies at the occupied Volksbuhne. And he thanked the VB6112 initiative for creating an impressive “stage” which facilitates much-needed direct action, public navigations and negotiations in the current crises.


There were many highlights, we’ll try to share… including one “Sarah Waters”, who gave us the more radical angles from a harder left, i.e. those engaged in the continuous housing and house project struggles in Berlin. Important to note : she did not dismiss this more cultural-oriented resistance… ( as some valid critiques have arisen around these actions )…  Rather she saw it as  a well-performed trigger point at an historical site of left resistance. i.e. Rosa Luxemburg Platz and a people’s theater which was built by Die Linke party at the beginnings of the 2oth century, etc.

* Btw, the Volksbuhne was one of only 3 occupations in the last decade or so that have survived more than 24hours… i.e. New Yorcke and the Refugee School in Ohlauherstr. … So the cultural angle is in fact of important tactical use.


Rosa, the last VB actor makes her grand exit… ( foto by Shlemil Unhirsch )

And there will surely be more acts to come !

Der Kampf Geht Weiter – The Fight Goes On ! from Ton Steine Scherben, c.1973?


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( Thx To Pit Schultz from Reboot Fm for many threads and links  )

to be cont.

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