XLT Radar, Herbst in Btropolis v.3: Art Attack !


Dramatic News : Berlin’s Volksbuhne Theater at Rosa Luxemburg Platz has been reclaimed, occupied, transformed, re-purposed … the space is currently open for self-organized collective participation  !

Updates: DAY 6

Plenums begin daily at 18:00h !

Everything is subject to Change !

So check, the official outreach channels:

https://web.facebook.com/StaubzuGlitzer/ ….

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A beautiful little embryo of anarchy…

“Good performance at Volksbuhne 2nite…happening NOW… and neither Chris Dercon … nor Castorf … are directing it.” XLt analyst

It’s not a strike, it’s not exactly a premier,  nor is it a party … yet? …  but the Volksbuhne… is now unofficially re-opened by …  a community …  wanting more say in what happens next. An occupation has begun !

The beloved Berlin theater with its former east-side heart of radical playfulness , sharp cultural teeth and political punches ( the marquee has had several memorable titles the last years – Fuck Off, America ! – was one of the funniest ) …  closed its doors to a wild past this summer and said goodbye with a (bureaucratic) boot to its director of 3 decades… Frank Castorf, along with his team.

A deal was made in 2015 to bring in Chris Dercon from the Tate, and many of the theatre’s passionate fans have been hissing their disapproval ever since. It definitely feels like another gentrifying gear shift.

Just before the stale-mated German elections next week ( with a creeping threat of AFD nationalists gaining ground ) in the vacuum of relevant oppositions, this action could just be the best show in town to awaken civic engagement in a city that these days has felt a little stripped of its fire and raison d’être, at least in terms of an arts and culture resistance pulse.

Keep an eye on this unfolding  story ! Go by and see the developing dramatic narratives !



… aka occupied / besetzt …  a core group of organizers ( who have been planning this for months ) prefer  – from their own tactical rational -  to call it a KUNST ACTION !

DAY 2:

“The PEOPLE’s THEATER … plenums begin at 14:00h16:ooh …. expect another full house performance !!

Recommended to come early… and maybe even come help clean from all the wild energies from last nite, help organize logistics of settling in, maintaining, securing … And/or find out how you might plug in to some of the most exciting and pragmatic political art … and art politics… in the city since … ? …  well, depends how often you look for the deep engagements. ” – XLt analyst.

Stay tune for more, analysis here will be extremely complex…

Initial impressions : The XLterrestrials are happy to inform you that the goals of this intervention seem to have already taken in the broader crises of current city politics. This is not just about reclaiming of Volksbune Theater , artists space, art labor and precarity, cultural creatives without a voice in the political bodies  … This is an autonomous zone and public forum stage ready to address many pressing issues about the people’s rights to their city.. . ( Stadt von Unten, Wir Bleiben Alle, Recalim the City, Miete Stoppen, etc. etc.  ) and this has, with full intent, strategically popped up on the eve of German elections,  this Sunday !

If you need a precedent to imagine the full scope and the potentials, take a look at what happened at the Teatro Valle in Rome, when artists and citizens fought austerity and cut-backs … which was occupied for 3 years, and subsequently transformed into a “theater commons”  …  :) …

A quickly searched link about that tale by David Bollier.

RT: via Ivor Stodolsky from Artists at Risk ” The Volksbühne is #occupied. The first play is named after the most powerful nuke of our time #vb6112 … LOL. It’s a great statement and vision: https://b6112.de/2017/09/22/pressetext-der-transmedialen-theaterinszenierung/

Day 3 Schedule ( highlight ) :

17:ooh Assembly on Stadt Politik

DAY 4 :

Everything is still open… too busy to analyze….

< 25.9 > CiTiZEN KiNO # 64 : Autonomous Time Zones, 23h in the Kino Saal, beside the Gruner Salon ( switched from Cafe Foyer room  )

( and we will try to repeat again with more notice in the days / nites to come )





CiTIZEN KINO ( #46 ) : Autonomous Time Zones

A collection of film clips looking at on reclaimed + occupied space, communes, temporary autonomous zones…

Includes film excerpts from John Jordan and Isabelle Fremeaux ( Le Zad + Paths Thru Utopias ), Peter Watkins ( La Commune ), rare news footage from Rauchhaus plenums in the 70s, and Ton Steine Scherben band rehearsal, archival news re: Mainzerstr,  Teatro Valle in Rome, … and more media bits coming. And Suggested media welcomed !

Take part in a discussion of reclaiming land, space AND time …  in parallel and/or in confrontation to our divided nationalistic neoliberal colonialist containment !

DAY 6 :


to be cont.

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