Beware the Orwellian media dog poo !


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Freedom is slavery, War is peace, Ignorance is strength, Antifascists are fascists …

Beware the Orwellian media dog poo !

There’s alot of nasty distraction going on out there in the mediaspheres… From the likes of Chomsky in Washington Examiner (  who probably never even quoted Chomsky til now )… Avila Chomsky on Common Dreams … and Chris Hedges at Truthdig… and a far worse and way off -the-mark flood of swampland thinking from the alt right outlets and the usual MSM…

Now is not the time to polarize the left…

And it would be a powerful moment with all this buzz about free speech to invite peeps like Chomsky and Hedges into a public debate … with high-caliber opposition from the grassroots to clear this mess up …  about #ANTIFA.

Let’s have actual voices of the Antifa perspectives, along with people like academic historian and author Mark Bray, and people from the world of mutual aid orgs like Common Ground ( also now an inspired “branch” in Houston ), Occupy, Indymedia, Direct Action groups, masked protectors, the justifiably angry youth, etc…

There is real danger that Antifa actors could escalate violent situations in certain contexts that would give most current governments excuse to crack down on a broad spectrum of left orgs + actors ( i..e the Linksunten Indymedia website in Germany was just shut down last week, very soon after the G20 demos )… But the newly risen alt right ( to the thrones of state )  in the US and other nationalist strains will attempt this no matter what happens next. Neoliberal governments are all just hair-triggers away from turning less rabid right govts. into The Turkish Model. It is true that the authoritarian forces ( and their alt right pawns ) will goad us into violence to their advantage, and we need to discuss that too !

But Antifascism cannot be defined as a violence-focused path, it is a much-needed community self-defense and realworld preparedness school.  It’s mutual aid and team “martial arts” for disarming ( and/or sabotaging ) the attackers, for well-being and the multi-layered fights to come, on both the neighborhoods, city-wide and internationalist scales !

If it is indeed a “marginal fringe”, as Chomsky was quoted as saying, we need now to link arms and expand the Antifa family and fast, not push it out of the main frame !

Dear LEFT, WE need to talk !


{ O-strasse ! Interesting txt, read more below. }

While the communications conglomerates and the mostly-captured internet  steer this conversation in all the wrong directions, at least in terms of what dominates even a sophisticated surfers’ newsfeeds…

We need to launch a DESIRES OFFENSIVE !

Rather than merely fighting back against the rising tide of Trumpy Stew, HOW do we get better mobilized to push our goals to the front burner !? What we all need, want and wildlly desire NOW !

Easier said then done, but at least we have to get our compass and coordinates straight. And understand better who our comrades, alliances, and accomplices are…  even if our risks levels are not the same, and we draw our lines in the sand a little differently !


( Common Ground, 9th ward, NOLA )

AND if  yur getting bored with the distracting debates about good or bad antifa… skip to the end of THIS ARTICLE about how U can help local orgs helping local communities in the devastation caused by krapitalist-made unnatural disasters like #HARVEY #Trump #Tillerson #Exxon #EnergyTransferPartners

* re: the Google threat…


Google is planning to move into the Kreuzberg neighborhood. This old´timer house project has a long tradition of hanging alarm + alert messages on their walls. It says Google is everywhere engaged in surveillance, smart cities, biotech, gentrification, digital monopole, etc. … Stop the Google Campus in Kreuzberg !

Stay tune for more on this topic … coming soon !

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