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< 16.08 > The Antifascists (2017 ) doc film, Weissensee ( FB invite )

Free Admission !

SE/GR 2017, 75 min | Original With English Subtitles | Regie: Patrik Öberg & Emil Ramos | Produktion: AEAAEA

Wed. 16.08.2017 | 8pm (introduction) 9pm (movie start) | Freilichtbühne Weißensee (Große Seestraße 8-10, 13086 Berlin)

A Swedish-Greek documentary film about the legal pressure in Europe and the people who stand up against the new wave of Nazis. Who are actually the antifascists and what does it antifascism really stand for? This question is examined in the light of certain events in the recent years in Greece and Sweden. The film investigates the rise of the fascist party »Golden Dawn« (»Chrysi Avgi«), which is responsible for numerous murders in Greece in addition to the attempted murder of the left-wing football activist Showan Shattak in Sweden and the imprisonment of antifascist Joel. Joel has been in jail since 2013 after the defended a rally against Nazis. The attackers belonged to the »Nordic Resistance Movement« (»Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen«) which is regarded as the largest and most dangerous Nazi organization in Sweden. »The Antifascists« tried to track the history along with the theoretical background of antifascism and shows what it really means to be an antifascist.  Before the film, there will be an input from 8pm onwards, where activists will report on the situation in Sweden and Greece.


< 20.o8 > Solidarity Event for Auróra Cultural Center Budapest, at ZKU, Moabit ( FB invite )

< 24.o8 > “Superstars Der Demokratie” with Die Partei & friends, So36

< 27.08 > AVA movie nite – “Sacco and Vanzetti” (2017 ) in the original English with German subtitles, followed by a discussion with Michael Hoenisch, Lichtblick Kino -  ( invite page )

< 06.09 > International Lit fest + solidarity reading of the Declaration of Human Rights


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< 18.08 > King Coya aka Gaby Kerpel and ZZK label nite at Yaam, 20h ( Fb Invite )

Also at Attention Festival in Larz <01.09 >, and again in Berlin at Bailanta < 30.08 >


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