EZLN Raises THE BIG QUESTIONS About Our Digital Existenz !


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Added:  ToNIGHT at the Stammtisch < 21:00 CET – Tues, Aug 8, 2017 >

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We are organizing a special gathering to interview various artists, tech adepts, economic specialists, media theorists, curators and other interventionists … about the Zapatista Comrades’ Call for Comparte Digital and their questions raised about the current state of the cybernetic realm… standby for further details to come !

( NEW : Some Interview Archives below ! )

Where: Buchhandlung Cafe, Tucholskystr. 32, Btropolis-Mitte

At the bottom of this blog, you will find some contextual media, and some framework for our discussions and interviews, which will be ongoing from NOW until Aug.12.

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The Call to join the cybernetic edition of CompArte  “Against Capital and its Walls, All the Arts”


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((( HERE in english ))

an Excerpt:

- July, 2017 -

Compañeroas, compañeras and compañeros of the Sixth:

Artist and non-artist sisters and brothers [hermanoas, hermanas and hermanos] of Mexico and the world: Avatars, screennames, webmasters, bloggers, moderators, gamers, hackers, pirates, buccaneers and streaming castaways, anti-social network users, reality show antipodes, or whatever-you-call each person on the network, the web, the internet, cyberspace, virtual reality, or whatever-it’s-called:

We are convoking you because there are some questions that are nagging at us:

Is another internet, that is to say another network, possible? Can one struggle there? Or is that space without precise geography already occupied, captured, coopted, tied, annulled, etceterized? Could there be resistance and rebellion there? Can one make Art on the net? What is that Art like? Can it rebel? Can Art on the net resist the tyranny of codes, passwords, spam as the default search engine, the MMORPGs [massively multiplayer online role-playing games] of the news on social networks where ignorance and stupidity win by millions of likes?

Does Art on, by, and for the net trivialize and banalize the struggle, or does it potentiate it and scale it up, or it is “totally unrelated, my friend, it’s art, not a militant cell”?

Can Art on the net claw at the walls of Capital and damage it with a crack, or deepen and persist in those that already exist? Can Art on, by, and for the net resist not only the logic of Capital, but also the logic of “distinguished” Art, “real art”? Is the virtual also virtual in its creations? Is the bit the raw material of its creation? Is it created by an individual? Where is the arrogant tribunal that, on the Net, dictates what is and what is not Art? Does Capital consider Art on, by, and for the net to be cyberterrorism, cyberdelincuency? Is the Net a space of domination, domestication, hegemony and homogeneity? Or is it a space in dispute, in struggle? Can we speak of a digital materialism? …

To try to find some answers, we invite you all to participate…

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Some initial XLterrestrials notes…

Similar to our ( c.200,000+ inter- + outer-nationals ) recent journey to Hamburg to confront, analyse, and strategize in the virtual insanities of an increasingly absurd geopolitical regime of the G20-constructed matrix … the EZLN call for some deep introspection and/or an all-out solidarity offensive in the cybernetic realm !

The XLterrestrials are preparing to put some alien skin in the game ! Our long-developing  critiques of “technotopia” and the rise of Techno-Fascism should fit right in as accomplice cultures of resistance !

“¡Hasta la victoria siempre!”

* image above is an XLt  remix of the original Zapatista flyer design

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About our own XLterrestrials Framework for participation…

Not only have we been trying to assess all of the rapid developments in the cybernetic regime changes, ie. disruption in human and non-human environmental situations over the last years, with a particular edge-of-our-seat interests in the “Anthropocene” debates…  We have also shifted our own position to take into account what the tsunami of corporate technological neo-colonialism means for indigenous cultures. Signs of how their plights were dealt with at the Cop21 – climate summit – in Paris, namely thrown for a (genocidal) loop under the bus … we can come to no other conclusion then the threat of Techo-fascism is not just on the rise, it is the motherfuckin artificial elephant in the room !

So the call from the indigenous perspective to ask the big questions, which essentially amount to, SO, WHAT THE FUCK NOW ?! is absolutely necessary, and is coming far to slow from those in the global north still trying to wrestle, tweak and tango with the technological beast to gather a few community crumbs. Others have just blatantly put on their uniforms and are doing the dirty work for a high bounty.

Not surprisingly, many former techno-evangelists are finally turning the corner and admitting the massive miscalculations and failed startegies that have been made. Though anyone who has spent the years lingering between now and the proof via the Snowden revelations to do so, probably deserve ridicule.

Recently Oliver Lerone Schulz ( a Post-media Lab co-founder at Leuphana Uni ) posted this astoundingly concise history of the spectacular failures of the Left’s own technotopian dreaming, from a very respected media studies teacher Florian Cramer speaking in Bucharest for the Odd Theory series … it is worth a close listen! HERE on Soundcloud

… And it becomes a framework and launching point for our questions at this critical juncture of tactical media and “art rebellion”. One might remember the now historical and legendary message(s) the Zapatistas and Subcommandante Marcos ( and sent to an independent media conference in the mid 1990s in NYC).  HERE, ( the 1997 interview ) The questions raised now are again a bridge between Chiapas, the jungles of southeastern Mexico and NYC, and with the potential of a much broader network via the expanded  digital culture more than 2 decades later. Definitely not tools to be sneezed at, but not something we should consider by any means under our control nor a liberated space.

All this aligns with what is being asked in the call for participation by the Comparte Digital… a project initiated by the creators of such projects as Possible Worlds ( a former server host for the EZLN and other Chiapas-based networks ), Spacebank, Diego de la Vega, etc. etc…

Guests tonite include a broad mix: members of the Telekommunisten, C-base, colleagues from the HKW’s Anthropocene and Technosphere seminars,  Bootlab, Raumfahrt Agentur, comrades from the OKK and TOP galeries, Colombian artists and curators based in Berlin, jury members from the UDKs Interflug project, Transmediale’s resource, XLterrestrials, Globalista Radio Kit djs, CiTiZEN KiNO… and … YOU?!


Update: We have 2 interviews archived, one from Daniel Niles, a researcher of human-environmental geography, currently based in Kyoto. And two artists from Belarus and the EEEFFF.org projects. Coming soon, we’re doing a little post-production with Beee.tv.



to be cont.

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