CiTiZEN KiNO #62: G20 Report Back + Sunken Treasures


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We are definitely NOT done with analyzing the G20 stories !

For the XLterrestrials it remains a pivotal event / moment to extract new maps for citizen engagements. There is fascinating ‘forensic data’ on the authoritarian ultra-liberal state(s) and analyzing how it reacts in its failure to imagine any real plans for exiting their own catastrophes. In addition, to co-opt Merkel’s own words ( in response to Imperial Schrump’s first EU + Middle East visit – pre-G20 ) who said that the EU now needed to take its fate into its own hands…  Well, more importantly that means autonomous communities must now build better and stronger ties to steer their fates, and unlike any plans for EU re-alignments,  power plays and economic priorities, we must find our own means and methods for global solidarity + sustainability on the local scales.

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< Sun. July 23 > CiTiZEN KiNO #62: A G20 Report Back + Sunken Treasures, at Panke, Gerichtstr,23, Btropolis, 21:00h.

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Note: C-KiNO is a crucial element of  our media outreach objectives. We cannot exist as online projects alone. It is essential to interact with communities and share our analysis, so that it does not exist as mere theoretical bubbles. We would like to tour and perform and present at social centers and be able to dialogue and collaborate with YOU about building new community ties and strategies.

If you would like us to come to your area to share our perspectives and tactical media platforms, please contact us. We DO need funds to travel, but we are also open to trying to make events for free and/or by donation only.

And if you understand the need for this kind of education and praxis in these dangerous times and are in a position to support us financially, please consider donating to either our Patreon account ( link  ) or Paypal (email us for more info ).

Many Thanks to those who helped support our trip to Hamburg !!



to be cont.

In the meantime, read our reports from Hamburg in previous blogs v. 1-7, and feedback most welcome !

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