An XLT epilogue – The Meaning of Hamburg : The G20 God Is Dead ! v.7


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” G20 is dead. G20 remains dead. What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives. What sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become autonomous self-ruling communities now that nation-states and failed democracies cannot lead a civil and enlightened society ?! “

- in a mad Nietzschean XLt Analyst accent



Without getting too philosophical and over-intellectualizing about it, the G20 mafioso elites gathering in Hamburg to listen to Beethoven’s Ode To Joy at the Elbe Philharmonie can only prove a definitive end of our supposed Enlightenment Era !

In the midst of all the environmental, economic and humanitarian crises, any lingering faith in nation-state democracies leading the way to international diplomacy and the progress of civil society and cultures, the rational and the common good (  and/or any plan remotely resembling getting us out of a grim global-scale future deathtrap )  now represents a bloated corpse washing up on the shores of a hellish new irrational alliance, a conglomerate techno-fascism, a basket case of political clowns crammed into a VW Bug driving off a cliff…  all in the wake of a haunting, immoral secular silence !

[ Not unlike the existential crisis at the end of the 19th century, perhaps it's interesting to consider Nietzsche's odd language for perceiving the 20th century's calamities far ahead of his own situations .... the original "God is Dead" via wikipedia. In brief. : " The problem is to retain any system of values in the absence of a (divine) order... The rejection of belief in an objective and universal moral law, binding upon all individuals. ... the loss of an absolute basis for morality leads to nihilism. " ]

Forgive us, if we grab at a little dramatic, dada-esque poetic and/or anachronistic philosophical terror in an attempt to underscore the scope of this monumental historical disaster, not yet fully perceivable ! [ And even perhaps surreally, invertedly alluding to spiritual matters as a facet of our necessary social + cultural evolution, survival, and new consciousness. But we have no time to elaborate on that here. ]

Aside from the grimmer angles, There were also many stories that are a wellspring of inspiration and new directions… and Hamburg’s left communities are themselves a bounty of “social organism treasures”, like exploring rich coral reefs in the bowels of a post-modern industrialist shipwreck. There’s several articles worth of material; Let’s see what we have time for  !


The Rise of The Autonomous Circles

Foto: This technological landscape backdrop of an old Nazi Flakturm ( bunker with a strategic, anti-aircraft purposed design, now turned into a niteclub and SAE school ) and the Hamburger Fernsehen Turm ( tv tower / telecommunications spectrum ) … and in  the foreground the football training fields, where the protester youth gathered inbetween the street demos, is more poignant a picture then you may at first grasp.

Missing from this pic is the militarized police helicopters who controlled the airspace of the port city. Often floating stationary above the scene below for hours at a time, gathering data that we can only speculate on. And if you were wondering why there is no drone footage in your G20 newsfeeds, it’s because the city pre-emptively ruled them illegal, in order to have exclusive control of powerful tools from the air. As far as we know, No one was willing to disobey the rule. We suspect the penalties would be high, b/c of endangering the numerous helicopter pilots.

Re: Electronic Warfare

This is a far off tangent, but comes to mind because of the juxtaposiiton of a 3rd Reich bunker, a telecommunications tower, and the people w/ little other than the power of  ‘critical mass’ and our community bonds.  One of the most incredible things we’ve seen lately analyzing the history of electronic warfare and the age of Silicon Valley…

Watch: Steve Blank’s Secret History of Silicon Valley

Understanding this territory will be crucial in the overall picture of organizing against a society of control ( and nihilism ). Not to say , we have many answers or strategies there, b/c mostly the hacker cultures have failed to properly assess the cybernetic regime.





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Added: One of the crappiest papers in Germany – Bild – somehow managed to make the perfect video for our XLt analysis of the G20…

Watch Here on the YouGlue !

to be cont.   

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