The NoGo20 reports v.4 : The 20 Horsemen ( and women ) of The Apocalypse …



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( apologies for any clunky phrasings, we’ve been on the run, and writing deeper reflections will have to come later…  or … we leave that up to you in the comments, which are always appreciated ! )

Report: thurs.06/07 -  An Intro to HH in chaos :

Constant sirens, constant buzzing of helicopters, since we arrived.  Two military twin-engine Chinooks flying overhead really spreads a dark shadow and feelings of something looming more ominous than the usual demonstrations vs. state terror + political dysfunction.

As we entered the zone around noon, our bus sat in traffic crawling nowhere for an hour, cause the Hamburg city center – and Hauptbanhof – had already been thoroughly entangled by either protestor actions or just the system itself cutting access to the normal thoroughfares. When the driver finally managed to get out of the jam , he let the passengers off at a regular bus stop to grab their baggage, still a half- kilometer from our official destination.


Hamburg is cooking in some unknown vat of oil (-igarchism) …

Some dirty state play already unfolded on tuesday to set things off on the war footing. There’s footage captured by Unicorn Riot ( now known around the globe for their dramatic frontline Dakota/NoDAPL/ StandingRock reports)  which show the “Bullen” raiding a camp site in the early evening, and swinging fists at bewildered activists and snatching away their tents.  A park which had been fought for in the courts as a camp, legally approved some day(s) before, but then thrown into chaos by an uncalled-for attack.

Note: We heard that legal camping places have now been restricted to 300 tents, which could hardly accommodate the crowds pouring in for this historical + critical showdown !

It’s hard to say if we exaggerate the tensions in the air… in some sense it’s the same old game of G8/G20 type convergences… and we’ve only just arrived…

As we sat through a couple workshop/lecture sessions at the alternative solidarity summit.. (  One important one, excluded from much of the normal media coverage,  were the voices of African migrants, i.e. Lampedusa in Hamburg, relocated to Germany after being forced out of Italy ) …  in the organized comfort of an uptown theater, Kampnagel. Perhaps a majority of attendees are the out-of-towner activists… but high percentage of german speakers, and all those who have chosen the safe space for contemplating longer-term strategies.

Meanwhile the locals, the hardcore, the anti-capitalists, the antifa, the black block, the youth, the realists … are all down in St. Pauli and could understandably be stewing in their home ‘kiez’ ( hood ) juices, determined to reclaim their city from the storm of 20,000 Polizei and the 20 Horsemen of the Apocalypse ( and a couple women )… Making a crucial stand that there is no more time for the same old brutal system !

This is the 2nd full day of alt summit analysis of the rising global rage to make visible all the implications for our future in the wake of G20’s disarray and inabilities to address the real problems. Mostly a repeat loop, for those who’ve been to these things before. But we hope for more strategies to be revealed and a new critical mass to get the kick and the wave, and finding ways to be there in solidarity at the critical points of ” constructive disobedience” ( Horvat + DiEM ).


And who knows what’s to come !? Surely we have arrived at the boiling points … no matter which side of town you’re assessing it all from.

There’s plenty of inputs to describe and analyze, and this is just a fly-by post …

A bold and boundary-pushing Srecko Horvat – a Balkan co-founder of DiEM – is about to speak at the closing panel 2nite… and he’s already written a few good entries describing where we’re at… So we’ll leave you with those for now:

We came to Hamburg to protest about G20 – and found a dystopian nightmare

Are Protests Enough to Bring Down the G20?



to be cont.

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