The XLt Guide to the G20 v.3 : RESOURCES – Power concedes nothing without demand !


{ foto: Hamburg, “Protestwelle” on the Alster, July 2nd }


v.1 – Another Possible Global Summit [ G20 Hamburg ]  + FUNDRAISER

v.2 : Redrawing the Political Maps !

v.3 : “Power concedes nothing without demand !” + RESOURCES

||||||||| RESOURCES |||||||||

Monday morning we woke up and caught a Channel 4 clip about the forgotten crisis in the Mediterranean, refugees being rescued from the sea, now by the 1000s per day, and many NOT ! This is Monday morning on Planet Earth !

What are the chances the world’s most powerful leaders will come to Hamburg this week and get their shit together at the G20 to find solutions for problems like these ? Little to none, and certainly not without pressures to do so !

Below are a quickly assembled list of resources for activists ! You don’t have to be in Hamburg to be enraged AND engaged. At the very least, one can help amplify the news and analysis by sharing the non-corporate media coverage with your friends and colleagues ! … For other ways to engage… have a look, perhaps you’ll find some powerful ideas below :

Actions, Blogs, Infopoints :


Here’s a blog in Dutch  … Globalinfo … which led us to this downloadable PDF Protest Reader from ( with detailed maps  )

please send us more, we will continue to update this list !



Remember when the ridiculous G8 met in a remote location in Ireland , 2013…  and nothing really changed ! In fact, the shit has only gotten worse…  much worse !

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