XLt Guide to the G20 v.2 : Redrawing the Political Maps !


[ Figure 8. Fred W Rose, Revised Edition. Serio-Comic War Map for the Year 1877, London, England, 1877. ]

XLt Guide To the G20 – v.2: Redrawing the Political Maps !

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Last night we were web-hunting for the quite famous cartoon of Napoleon and the British PM carving up the globe between them at the dinner table… { by James Gillray, 1805 – “The Plumb-pudding in danger– or State Epicures Taking un Petit Souper” . see below }. It’s a masterpiece of political satire, and has inspired many artists to recontextualize for a variety of situations.

Initially we thought this would make an entertaining and informative blog… to show throughout the ages the redrawing of the tumultuous and violent history of the European continent over the last few centuries.

But it can also be a more serious exercise to think strategically…. Let us try and explain…

With many global nation-state conflicts heating up, mainstream news is already reporting a potential clash playing out between the EU and Trump’s new wild and demented west. A Macron – Merkel alliance has been forming to attempt to strengthen the EU hand… to save the EU.

But we should also look beyond how the elites will be redrawing the maps, and imagine how We The People can redraw our fates, strategies and visions against the deals that might be cut in G20-style. We already know how many of our more internationalist hopes can get crushed under the wheels ( and wars ) of  economic agendas and operating systems. Just look at any of the COP climate negotiations over the last decade. Or the petrol economy’s resource wars !

So what would OUR maps look like for global citizens redrawing politics into new forms of solidarity ( and a new global consciousness ) over the machinations of power+profits and their bloody sacrificial rituals … i.e.the Necropolitics of the neoliberals.

We’re not exactly sure what that might look like, we CALL ON ALL ARTISTS to try to imagine it…

Our picture at the top is a starter in that direction… a simple culture jam …  the people of europe ( but also everywhere ) under siege by a G20 Kraken…  NOT as a demonized or scapegoated Russian Other  as portrayed in this 1877 bit of propaganda and fearmongering. But rather represented as the forces of transnational Krapital being wielded by all the political figureheads and their business entourages, whose exact allegiances may remain hidden from view …  but history shows: it is rarely to us !

Many of us XLterrestrials are visually oriented, perhaps we all are now, given tthe deep immersion into all these highly mediated screen realms. So imagining new maps, can be a way to open up new ideas, maybe even the way words are said to set things and ideas into motion !

to be cont.

In the meantime, have a look at these astoundingly juicy examples…of art, maps, satire… as political (media) devices ! ( click to enlarge )…








ANd to be less theoretical… Here’s a layout of things in Hamburg, which activists coming from other lands and cities may find useful… And in the next piece we’ll have a list of practical resources, and links to organizing groups, demonstrations, etc.


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