A Non-Anthropocene Theory + Praxis … v.2


work-in-progress ( still )

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[ A Non-Anthropocene Theory + Praxis v.1 ]

It’s a little uncomfortable to dive into this without doing a complete job, but neither do we wish to lose some of the insights we’ve gained from some recent encounters…

Namely, McKenzie Wark’s Anthropocene lecture at the Haus Der Kulturen ( HKW ), which is now online… HERE. Unfortunately the Q+A section from the audience has ended up on the cutting room floor, so we’ll try to reassemble and expand on some of that. Challenges to Molecular Red, Theory for the Anthropocene, may help us develop better strategies for our newly forming horrific and/or transitional times.

Our XLt question to Wark was about his  mentioning “collaborative work”… and we pointed out that in these monumentally challenged times  strategies for NON-Anthropocene collaborations must be central, that is WITH existing nature … But by suggesting obscure theories + trajectories ( of “2nd nature” and further geo-tinkering )  from the likes of Haraway, Bogdanov and Platonov… ( painted in post-krapitalist collapse + science fiction dystopian/utopian strokes ) … muddies the waters !

We suggested, that while the alt tight is in denial of climate change ( or rather disruption ), the left ( and perhaps especially technotopian Marxist-oriented left ) are in denial of the current Techno-fascism. We pointed to a recent science conference by the Zapatistas in Mexico… ( link coming )… and pragmatic stragtegies of solidarity and cultures of resistance to defend planet earth and whole populations from environental and geo-political chaos !

Accessible praxis, not over-intellectualized theory, is urgent !

Obviously this topic opens up several cans of worms, but also promising and exciting potentials for community-scale tranformations… And we wish to pursue these routes  in a deeper and well-researched essay.

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Update :

HKW announces two upcoming Anthropocene lectures:

Bruno Latour and Dipesh Chakrabatty in Sept. 2017

And will also be co-hosting an Anthropocene seminar in Philadeplhia in the Fall.

to be cont.

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