DiEM25 back in Btropolis ! Another EU is Possible ! !


< 25-26.05 > DiEM25 returns to Berlin to develop its political roadmap …

Event Schedule for Volksbuhne + Technical University  ( TU )

Main event is Thurs. at 20:00h with speakers Yannis Varoufakis, Saskia Sassen, Heike Loeschmann (Heinrich-Boell-Foundation, Alternative Summit Alliance),  Sre?ko Horvat (DiEM25 Co-Founder, DiEM25 Coordination Collective)  Søren Altstaedt (DiEM25 German Federal Committee, Alternative Summit Alliance) and video remotes from Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach and Clive Lewis ( British Labour member of Parliament ).

Interesting day sessions include organizers of an alternative conference at the G20 in Hamburg in July 6-9 ( 12:00h ) … and a discussion of a new deal for the Internet with renata Avila and Aral Balkan. (13;30h ).

XLterrestrials were there in Feb 2016 for the launching of Diem25 – Democracy in Europe Movement -  an opportunity to seek strategies and alliances to prevent the EU from descending into nationalism, authoritarianism, populism and privatization uberalles, etc…

They are calling this new parallel political form Europe’s first transnational political party, which does not fall into various traps, broken promises and contradictions that occur within the usual nation-state governance.

We were impressed with the coalitions that were forming… including some initiatives around “rebel cities” , i.e finding our strength and political critical mass on the municipalities level. As in Barcelona’s Ana Colau with her experiences in progressive agenda for housing + local community-scale infrastructures, etc.

[ Some critiques exist about attempting to build a new left without bringing many of the existing anti-capitalist left groups into the fold... Some of this is a valid problems, but we also saw a genuine call to unite, and urgently form a 'parallel politics' to the Brussels parliament and the immediate new situations arising , i.e. Brexit, and the implications of Macron in France. ]

Now they have formed a more concrete New Deal for Europe and considering a campaign to “take it to the ballot box” in 2019.

XLT will report back…

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