South of The Academia Border, a Non-Anthropocene Theory


{{{ another Anthropocene view }}}

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“A truly fascinating lecture, song + dance on The Anthropocene ( dead-end construct ), that gave us so little to defend the living planet – and all its inhabitants – in the age of krapitalist endgames… Shall we finally pronounce the institutionally-employed intellectual left as officially non-organic TOAST !? “

- XLterrestrials analyst.

Stay tune for a full deep green report from indigenous aliens south of the academia borders, that have not succumbed to the bullshit.

In the meantime…

While we have our critiques, last night’s Anthropocene Lecture by McKenzie Wark at Haus Der Kulturen ( HKW ) in Berlin revealed many unexpected things… And is helping us to further understand the strange and messy cult of Donna Haraway, a child ( laborer?) of the military industrial complex. About Marxian Industrialism recuperated and remixed by Technotopians. About our misguided faith in science. And about how NOT to play along in the 21st century sequels to Techno-Fascism, though indirectly.

Wark is a gifted speaker, a radical, high-speed and queer thinker, but if he’s willing to provoke a whole new generation of situationist-inspired rebels + hackers with 3-d printed Guy Debord gimmicks to sell Verso books, well we can certainly feel free to provoke back and imagine a blockbuster futurist flop starring New York media + culture professors,  along with tenured California 2nd-nature vampires creating World War Z ( on a molecular front ) in addition to our current atomized society, nearly wasted eco-systems, and brutally plundered Other continents.


{ in hindsight, we DO think this was a pretty funny stunt, but hardly adequate strategies now for the fully threatened ecocidal storm of climate disruptions and vast populations left adrift in the shit ! }

to be cont.

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