XLterrestrials + GRK, Springtime Radar v.2 – Full Engagement


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Part 2 of our Springtime Radar is looking at events which encourage “full engagement” ! The situations we are currently facing as a global society / civilization are monumental and unprecedented. In case you didn’t know, the planet, or at least all its living species, are in grave peril. We will need citizens thinking “outside the box” and beyond their usual individual consciousness to navigate these times.

Here we recommend some upcoming events, mostly happening in this extraordinary place we call “Btropolis,” – where strange convergences, deep thinking and incredible stirrings for BIG social change are taking place…

If yur just here for the musica, entertainment and the lulz… first check out Globalist Radio Kit’s Radar – v.1 … and then come back to v.2… we’ll be in both worlds.

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< 11.05 > Whistleblowers, Journalists and Lawyers:, How to Unmask the Global Network of Remote Killing,w/ Pratap Chatterjee ( corpwatch ), John Kiriaku, Lisa Wing, and more – 18:30-21:00 at ECCHR Office (Berlin) – sold out, but LIVE STREAM !

< 12.05 > Disruption Lab’s Prisoners of Dissent w/ John Kiriakou, Annie Machon, and Magnus Ag at Grunes Salon – Volksbuhne, 19:30h

< 10.05 > Blacklist #2: The Global Arms Trade by Johan Gimonprez and a panel discussion afterwards – incl. author Andrew Feinstein, and Jean Peters from Peng Collectiv – Spektrum

< 10.05 > “ Technology = Freedom ?! ” – hosted by The Labor Party Intl, Die Turnhalle Restaurant

< 08- 10.05 > Re:publica 17 : Love Out Loud,  Station-Berlin

< 18.05 > The Anthropocene Lecture by MacKenzie Wark, HKW

< 25.o5 > Diem25 w/ mit Yanis Varoufakis, Sre?ko Horvat, usw… Volksbuhne

< o8-12.06 > World Congress of The Hedonist International,  TBA

< 08. 07 > Grenzenlose Solidarität statt G20, Hamburg

to be cont.

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