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We are experimenting with combining some new and old themes for upcoming shows…

We still have not presented CiTiZEN KiNO #59: A Modest Alien Proposal ( read more Here ) and are attempting to rewrite it a little for presenting at The Hedonist International Festival coming up in June … and other venues.

It’s hard to express here in a brief post the complexities of challenging the eurocentric-orientations in the activist left circles, but we still feel convinced it’s a necessary and constructive strategy… and, to reappropriate the creativity-expanding card tricks from the sleeves of Brian Eno, perhaps we might call it Oblique Strategies…. for taking Tiger Mountain.

Below is our draft of a proposal, which we will continue to play with, while we hunt for financing to pull the damn thing off.

If you would like to support the efforts, contact us… cold hard cash +/or bank deposits +/or encouraging, nurturing words ( during this difficult phase ) always welcome ! Contact us !

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CiTiZEN KiNO is a series of media interventions, a hybrid of cinema hacking, public forum and analysis of immediate social crisis / situations. In a special episode for Hedonist Intl., we prepare an epic Jonathan Swift-style depiction of the accelerating industrialism around us, with its new neo-liberal fangs and latest techno-fascist claws. And we speculate what an alien species might do to resist.


Longer abstract:

In Part 1 of this episode, we examine what would our resistance to techno-crapitalism look like if we saw ourselves as the invading alien species. “A Modest Alien Proposal” takes its cue from Jonathan Swift’s ingenious culture jam of the exploitative social engineering at the onset of the industrial revolution.  And we imagine what technologies we might bring to the developing worlds and even our own future cities to make the wealthy richer, and the poor even yummier for the feast !

In Part 2, we drop the sarcasm, and imagine the current plight of indigenous peoples around the world facing a very real and accelerating techno-fascism. AND what if we – the people of planet earth – are all now in a similar boat – belonging to a “primitive” culture and labeled illegal aliens subjected to deportation ( or disposal ) from our shared earth base by the predatory + souless corporate machinery that now operates beyond our control ?!

In part 3, we reveal a few strategies from the people of the south, which may have increasing relevance for our own autonomy, self-defense ( and solidarity with all species )  in our colonized + high-tech metropolis lives.

to be cont.

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