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There’s a fascinating new video going viral on the interwebz. Neil deGrasse Tyson, a passionate American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator living in NYC posted this 4 minute PSA ( public service announcement ) and commercial on April 19th, 2017. In the span of three days it appears already liked by 20 million people, shared 527,593 times, and no doubt far more ( as these things are promoted and spread on multiple platforms ).

[ You can watch it on his frackbook page ]

The expression is admirable in many ways, and dubious in others. Its primary messages are that we need to solve the climate change problem, that one cannot deny the facts of (Big) Science, and implying that pioneering industries of science can fix this.

The problem here is that Tyson is also acting as a kind of branding for an American industrialism. And that’s another extremely complicated matter !

Not to mention, Tyson grossly understates, not only the challenges back in the 60 and 70s, but the whole of his country’s genocidal and imperial history. Trumpists and Christian Pence-bots are nothing new, it’s just the scale and scope of predatory power that has changed.


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Neil’s ( also ) a little in DENIAL ! … about how all our blinky-light metropolises are built on slavery, oppression and a frenzied utilitarian and anthropocentric rape of the earth… Enlightenment-era belief systems and western epistemologies are blisteringly ripe for deconstructive analysis, if we want to survive this century ! Science is not entirely to blame, but give a greedy, racist, socially+politically inept people its full-throttle and unrestrained power…. and put it at the center of social organization, above humanities, arts, poetry, empathy, cooperation, mindful consciousness and/or spiritual practices… and you get what we got now… a self-absorbed, arrogant, individualist, blinded and war torn, unsustainable and addicted culture, driving at break-neck speed off an Icarian cliff w/ flimsy technotopian wings, ready to take all of life on the planet with it.

You also cannot just merely chanpion SCIENCE, in today’s predicament, when it’s very obvious that the search for truths has been entirely corrupted and steered by misguided and non-democratic objectives.  In short, science is also a force for corporate enterprise. Exxon, Monsanto, Bayer, the Military Industrial Complex,, Google, Micrcosoft, Amazon, Bill Gates, the Koch Bros, Fbook, etc…. are all “successfully” using the sciences in service to power and profits… not a sustainble multiplicity of civilizations. … So if the public and voters have doubts and concerns about GMOs, drug companies, cybernetic control and techno-fixes ( in general ) … that can be problematic anti-science, but it can also arise from intuitions, common sense +/ or precise knowledge that science is also being used against them !

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#earthday2017 @ScienceMarchBER

The strange irony is that today – April 22nd – is Earth Day AND March For Science Day… which may become increasingly opposing positions, goals and future trajectories. We may need to ask some deeper questions about whose civilization does science currently serve ?!! And whose civilizations and cultures are being considered disposable ?!! And how can science be made more democratic, especially when it has global-scale implications ?!

We might see the March of Science “as defending the vital role Science plays in our Democracy”, and Earth Day as defending the vital role that (local, regional and state level ) Democracies need to play in our Sciences.

Without this two-fold struggle, ethics and integrity, equality and diversity, will all fall way back in the cue for priorities. Global populations will be at the mercy of hegemonic and hierarchical knowledge bases ( which of course already exist ), and we’ll see the accelerating rise of vested interests, further class divisions and a nationalistic version of survival of the fittest ( fascism ), all expanding into something of a truly monstrous endgame.

Science under krapitalism and science under internationalist socialism are entirely different species. And in the midst of global socio-economic and environmental crises, Tyson remains a very popular American Science commercial, but without a very meaningful analysis of our darkening situation, and no real exit from the anthropocene crisis !


And finally, much more than a footnote: XLterrestrials support  #indigenousknowledge !

Here’s well-known Dine activist + musician Klee Benally in Nevada at a Science March supporting the Western Shoshone’s fight against nuclear desecration and uranium mining, which has plagued the health of indigenous citizens in the area for decades.



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We should not be duped by these essentially strawman-esque attacks on religious whackos, and simplistic appeals to higher reason…  especially in regards to situations in the US and Europe. They are now just part of the puppet and political circus shows. More importantly, transnational corporations hire the best scientists in the world, secular or otherwise, to discover myriad ways to plunder the natural resources of planet earth, and that’s mostly where the real power, ‘bad faith’ and threats to our future lie.

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