Kreuztanbul Festival + Globale Film Fest, XLt reports

Two great events happening this week in Berlin : Kreuztanbul, which began on monday ( 13-17.10 ), and Globale 08 Film Festival starting 2nite ( 15.10-21.10 ) !!! … Xlt reports coming soon….

Added: 17.10 : Mercen Dede aka dj Arkin Allen, the master ethnotronic-fusionist from Istanbul/Montreal plays TONIGHT at SO36 also with the band Ayyuka … for the closing party of Kreutzanbul…Don’t MISS IT !

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Globale Film Festival Highlights:

While there’s always a broad range of issues at Globale 08 – now in its 7th year – from Migration, G8 and Protest, Feeding the World, Gentrification + Lifestyle Apartheid… There aren’t many Doc festivals that can put a focus on Labor issues which does not then become a very specialized interest for those highly dedicated people who strategize against the sausage-making day-to-day of life in the exploitative grinds and traps and precarities.

But this year’s program has assembled a number of films that will spark interest from many angles and through a lens that reaches some rarely seen corners of our world, from Patagonia to Xian to Romania to Indonesia. And yet these seemingly distant places become epicenters of the theme which generate some very inspired responses and understanding of the current economic upheaval/meltdown that is occurring everywhere.

A few pics (not just Labor focus) :

16.10 > 18.30h -Tonight’s program: Corazon de Fabrica will provide a close-up of self-organizing labor in Argentina, a subject which many will have already glimpsed in Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis’ The Take. Ernesto Ardito and Virna Molina’s piece presents a very realtime battle of the Zanon-Cooperative which is facing eviction THis month in Patagonia.

21:00h -And following is one of our favorite Docs of 2007 from one of the co-founders of Indymedia, Jill Friedberg’s Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad ( A Little Bit of So Much Truth), which is a non-stop and highly-charged cry (and song) of rebellion from Oaxaca, which provides an extraordinary view of the role of independent media as a tool of the movement.

18.10 > 21:00h – Sun. nite Joanne Richardson, also a founder of Indymedia in Romania and a media activist with a long history of collaborations throughout eastern Europe presents Precarious Lives and Made In Italy, 2 films made by the collective forces of D-Media based in Cluj and Candida TV in Rome.


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