TRuth < > Fear in Dakota, And the Resistance Expands !




Oceti Sakowin, the main camp at Standing Rock fighting against the Dakota Access Pipeline has been forcibly evicted. And on the last day Feb 24th, roughly up to 30  remaining water protectors were arrested… by a massive militarized force comprised of various County Police forces, National Guard, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Homeland Security ( exact details can be read at Unicorn Riot reports ) …some have already been released. But in the course of several months, up to 800 people have thus far been arrested… and we will need to find ways to support them in upcoming court cases. We”ll try to provide a current list of fundraising sites, when we can.

This is not the end, but a beginning of new and old alliances protecting our natural resources and defending the environment / mother earth, and the ongoing struggle to against a catastrophic fossil fuels industry.

Already new roadblocks and checkpoints are forming around the other camps, clear signs of the pressures mounting to remove more or all water protectors from the area.

It’s a crucial moment to consider all strategies and next steps against the corporate powers and Trump’s administration which currently feel empowered to trample the rights of citizens who demand water safety and sovereignty on treaty lands.

XLterrestrials are currently working on new episodes of CiTiZEN KiNO which will expand the themes on   ” Strategies For Turtle Islands ” which we beagn some months ago, as the Native American resistance to the fossil fuels industry began to rapidly intensify.


Poster image used from the fotography of Rob Wilson, and we are currently attempting to see if this will remain our


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