#TM17 Analysis v.2: In The Bubbles of Mediation, The Exit Points !

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#TM17 Analysis v.2: In The Bubbles of Mediation, The Exit Points !

( An applicable perspective for most well-funded arts + culture-type events )

re: Transmediale 2017 * + beyond


Let’s not beat around the bush or over-intellectualize our current predicament. We as artists, journalists, sociologists, ecologists, scientists, theorists + analysts, interventionists, curators, teachers, writers, fiction-makers, hackers, community organizers, etc… are now tasked with clearly communicating the emergency exits in a global theater that is ABLAZE ! Our civilization(s) face a nearly certain imminent collapse, and our earthly habitat is being rapidly annihilated by corporate krapitalist schemes.

You might be able to debate us over that grim analysis over the next few years, but sooner or later you too will probably be quite busy bailing water out of your own lifeboat particulars or running for higher ground. Given the current rise of bunkering neo-liberal arsonists, warmongers and white supremacists, even that small window of time could now vanish at any moment.

[ To emphasize our point, a disturbing article appeared the other day on Bannon the co-prez of a supreme imperial idiocracy and his beliefs regarding apocalypse + vigilante politics. { Poltico 06.12.16 + the more recent widely syndicated MSN/Huffington 09.02.17 } ... That is to say, even if you thought things were Not so bad (yet), the people who have now been given the reigns of the world's largest superpower could easily accelerate the likelihood of dark futures for a majority of earth's inhabitants ...very fast. ]

The best we – citizens + non-citizens – could hope for in a state-sponsored ( and/or entangled ) cultural event like TRANSMEDIALE with its focus on arts, media and digital culture is that 1. good people can be expected to run in and pull out the innocent puppies that are trapped in the upper floors… 2. we can look for clues of how we got to this point… and 3. imagine together how we can challenge the locked-in operating systems,  without being censored, fired, arrested … or killed.

More than a few friends and even a handful of participants at the festival laughed at us for even looking for serious activism at Transmediale.  But in our defense,  and in the festival’s defense, we have always found plentiful deep perspectives on our situations that warrant harvesting, as the fruits of strategic thinking and ways of articulating the challenges ! This becomes crucial and immediate when one realizes that The Exits we seek have not been built into the existing architecture, and are not already there waiting for us, but rather need to be urgently created ! In this sense, festivals for arts+culture should be the fertile convergence points of resourceful generation, resistance cultures, and brainstorming the seemingly impossible routes.

Before we review some of the moments of the #TM17 conference that are applicable to our scenarios… we should first mention our primary problem over the years  with the festival’s own recurrent mainframe / point of view.

The current structures under which our society’s technological “progress” are  based upon are inherently a temporal, spatial and material plunder of Other Lives.  A massive techno-colonialist operation. As a state-sponsored festival it’s main objective remains to promote, celebrate and advance these technological achievements, which are the economic engines of its perpetuating systems and heirarchies.

Normally, this is a dangerous thing, to illuminate the devastating and/or exploitative errors in social management/organization, But our uniquely endangered times offer a crucial moment to contest the cruelties,  injustices, irrationalities and tyrannical brainfarts … because the current imbalanced state now exposes itself as a naked and total technofascism, an exterminating and suicidal trajectory for all involved.  The 1% and the .01%, as much as they might try to imagine their own exit ( i.e Mars, immortality, high castles, etc ) are hardly immune to the environmental upheaval, collapse and chaos. Many will soon realize, if they have not already, that without strategies toward a new paradigm and social organisation, the current disruptions of eco-systems threatens mass extinction, total dysfunction, dead-end, planet toast.  An exponential chaos in which No One will profit, beyond trumpian opportunists’ very short-term race to make their last bets on the endgame.

To make matters more complicated, many powerful technology-centered game players are betting on some eschatological winner-takes-all – evolutionary Lotto-like windfall. But this is only a matter of time before that appears to the majority of (secular) 1% , no to mention the pragmatic global populations below, as laughable as the usual faith-based religions and/or pyramid schemes ( with their mafia-like soundtracks) .

This is perhaps just 1 theory in a line of competing theories… which may be an element of the unfortunate circumstances where time is of the essence.  But let us state, and attempt to seduce… to win a better future for ALL:

The XLterrestrials have never been anti-technology, rather we dream of the pre-exisiting technological order of a non-anthropocentric Nature where collective and collaborative intelligence can re-flourish… We imagine this kind of connected being in contrast to the dominant atonal discord of sales-pitches and elevator muzak, and a holocaustic clacking of train tracks from technological pseudo-connectivity…  achieved through purchaseable tools from a profiteering corporate krapitalist evangelical sect, in which a finite planet is clearly not on their side !

This would be that cacaphony of a Dystopian Cyborg Manifesto Choir which manufactures a vacuous and over-stimulated eye socket connected to a blind, drooling and/or hungry mouth connected to hegemonic and digestive fecal patterns connected to a shattered ear that’s plunged into a dark pool of white noise.

The possible exits, on the other hand, are all around us !

{ coming soon: a fuller investigation of Steve Kurtz’s talk on Necropolitics,  Lawn Darts, active Biopolitcs …  a few messy and unfinished notes are in the previous blog …  and more samples from exit-strategy thinking }

A Disconnected culture and our f/rights to Stay Connected to Nature ( while pursuing the technologies that help us stay in balance )


[[[ XLterrestrials are currently accepting donations to stay fierce and fortified ( while sharing critical resources ) in the coming storm  ... PLZ Contact us ... if you can provide some extra juice ! ]]]

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