#TM17 Analysis: In The Bubbles of Mediation, We Are Lost ! v.1


< Late Feb or March > CiTIZEN KINO #59 : A Modest Alien Proposal, in Berlin

An Unofficial Transmediale ‘Nachspiel’

An “acinematic” and screen-perforating  public forum to investigate the lost tribes of mediations, ecocide, technopolitics… and a defense of our r/fights to remain connected to an embodied and non-anthropocentric web of Nature.

More details about place + time coming soon !


We are currently collecting insights, materials, analysis at the 30th Transmediale festival [ Happy Birthday #TM17 ! ] …  And constructing our experimental version of a Transmediale ” Nachspiel” … a view in the aftermath, an independent and unofficial ALIEN  afterword, an attempted praxis of survival strategies. Transmediale at 30 ! Global society in the grips of  technologically-induced hallucinations and an instrumentalizing material-stranglehold !

What NOW? What directions will we – citizen actors – take now in that increasingly treacherous machine-culture ascent, and upon all those slippery technospheric slopes ?

Meanwhile  we provide a few scattered notes here on the usual inadequate … and … bloggy platform… a series of essays perhaps.

-under construction-


{ foto of Rasheeda Phillips of Black Quantum Futurism, by @MarieClaire }

In The Bubbles of Mediation + A Modest Alien Proposal

Still absorbing last nite’s encounters with Metahaven and their new feature-length film The Sprawl – Propaganda about Propaganda… and the evening’s  Keynote Conversation Immediate & Habitual: The Elusiveness of Mediation With Clemens Apprich, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Richard Grusin

Wishing that this ‘early’ sunday morning’s panel could have collided more directly with the themes + discussion that were being presented in the prime time slots   – Singularities With Morehshin Allahyari, Luiza Prado & Pedro Oliveira (A parede), Rasheedah Phillips, Daniel Rourke, Dorothy R. Santos  Moderated by Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke. … ( definitely not the usual notion of Singularity ).

It must be noted that these critical and crucial perspectives getting sidelined and marginalized – yes, even here at Transmediale ( though no one should be surprised ) – is a major part of the problem.

We cannot fully address, dissect, challenge, and strategize without these confrontations occurring in these institutional and academic ( and state culture) territories …  where power is wielded to steer the future and/or impose a continuation of an accelerating downward-spiral of techno-colonialist futures !


Absolutely a deep-thinking convergence of wild perspectives in our wildly in-and-out-of-control times. Congratulations and respects to the hard-working TM17 crew and HKW for providing some impressive and diverse contents… And yet…

Where Temporal + Spatial errors meet and repeat !?

Longer essay(s) to come !


Meanwhile, as we process the streams…  been watching this clip from Kate Tempest, which has captured our mood – a little too perfectly – this last week…

( thx to 2084online for alerting us to the clip, which soon after went viral in our newsfeeds )

Essay #1: Contemporary Arts + Our Penetrated Skulls

We’d like to begin our analysis of Transmediale at the end ( of main conference), with the brilliant closing lecture by Steve Kurtz on Necropolitics…  and from there, work our way back through some of our highlights, encounters and conversations…

Necropolitics was a fitting topic to send off. One of Kurtz +The Critical Ensemble’s latest themes of presenting exhibitions on our society’s strange relationship to life and death reveals our irrationally-constructed priorities and orientations. With anecdotal evidence like the political action taken in regards to Lawn Darts or/vs. Alcohol deaths… or say, the number of casualties in US imperialist military adventures, the “acceptable” 5,000+ deaths in Iraq PLUS the far higher suicidal rates of soldiers that remains a buried topic, notably in these days when wars can be won or lost by brain-numbing PR campaigns  !

Kurtz dropped a penetrating arts+culutre bunker buster…  that we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that our social organisms are made by rational creatures, and suggested we start reading up on our Schopenauer and Horkheimer ( Eclipse of Reason, 1947 , though he emphasized his later work  ) in these dark looming times.

But that would merely be just another clever show, and giving in to the festival bubble to go no further than the nearest bar after that !

… The Critical Ensemble is well-known for its uniquely tactical interventions over the years, operating since 1987 ( roughly around the same time that Transmediale began ) … on a variety of levels from publishing, pushing the limits of exhibition formats, hacking, teaching, to diy gene-splicing, … which ultimately led to painful legal contestations and attempted persecution, leading to Kurz’s not-s0-brief interim incarceration.


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