30 Years of Transmediale, Another Modest Alien Proposal ?


{ Plastic Raft of Lampedusa. YoHa., XLT remixed }

Transmediale Festival for arts and digital culture turns 30 !

Will a festival which celebrates all the technologically-infused and entangled ways of being, be able to sufficiently grapple with the challenges our civilization, our society and all living species face in these devolutionary times, wherein the cybernetic vision-cum-regime takes the center-stage as a fully-grown techno-fascist alien threat !?

XLterrestrials and Anonymous Swift will be on hand to snark the feeding of digital and non-digital natives to the machines… and/or strategize for the survival of living breathing aliens on their home turf!

We’ll need to assess the functionality of a program which may have been carrying an industry virus … for who knows how many years ?! Perhaps some satirical angles and psychomedia analysis will be required to know What Time It Is !

30 Years of Transmediale, Another Modest Alien Proposal ?

coming soon !

< Feb2. – March5 > Transmediale + CTM Fest 2017 – “Ever Elusive”, Berlin

< Feb2 – March3 > Alien Matter Exhibition, HKW

< Jan20-March3 > Vorspiel, all around town

etc, etc….

In the meantime, fascinating text specimens already online from Kristoffer Gansing, Daphne Dragona, Ryan Bishop, Jussi Parika, Inke Arns, which will be a part of the “Ever Elusive” catalogue.

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