The XLT Guide for The U.S. Inaugurrhea Day – J20 !


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XLterrestrials are currently working with CiTiZEN KINO and a number of other artists to prepare for an “Arts Strikes Back” response to the inauguration of the new creepy era ( the Insane Clown President – as Matt Taibbi describes it ) – on January 20th. These are very dangerous times !

There’s an incredible number of events + protest actions happening around the world, and we can’t possibly list them, but feel free to let us know what’s on YOUR RADAR for strategical maneuvers happening in your area … if you want them posted and spread here !

We will be updating this list as much as possible up until Inaug. Day !



This image comes from the grassroots agitprop masters at Just Seeds, who have put out a call for art action here…

< JAN14>  Inaugurating Resistance Propaganda Party at the Interference Archive in NYC ( frackbook invite )

see also: @justseeds and @InterferenceArc


< JAN 20 > Inauguration Day Protest: No to Global Trumpism!  ( Eventbee invite ) … Follow on Twitter here : @TheCoalitionDE

In D.C. + Everywhere:

< JAN21 > Women’s March on Washington + Beyond : #WomensMarch

Is this the end of Democracy < or > Vampire Krapitalism ?!



There’s an interesting post circulating  out there…

Some advice:
James O’Keefe, domestic terrorist and spreader of disinformation about repro justice groups, is trying to infiltrate groups planning to protest at the “coronation” and also groups planning to attend the Women’s March. He produces secretly recorded undercover audio and video encounters, some selectively edited to imply its subjects said things they did not, with figures and workers in academic, governmental and social service organizations, purporting to show abusive or allegedly illegal behavior by employees and/or representatives of those organizations. He gained national attention for his video recordings of workers at ACORN offices in 2009, his arrest and guilty plea in 2010 for entering the federal office of then-U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) under false pretenses, and the release of videos of conversations with two high-ranking, now former, NPR executives in 2011.
A friend got this information from a source she trusts. [ This post came to us via a highty=respected UC arts professor + lifetime activist, who we will leave anonymous here, but feel free to ask us for more info, off the blog. ]

If you are planning any protests of the inauguration, please be aware that you may be a target of James O’Keefe operatives. If you have spoken to anyone from Breakthrough Development Group, this is an O’Keefe front.
If you are working with Disrupt J20 specifically, you are being targeted by O’Keefe. He is apparently trying to get progressives to incite violence.
There will be moles in your campaigns. PLEASE make sure to vet your volunteers.”

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Also here’s an INAUGURATION PROTEST 2017: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Guide from the ACLU


Do Not Go Gently Into Those Nights Of Normalized Tyranny + Fascism

Beware / Avoid:  Shepard Fairey’s and Amplifiier Foundation’s “We The People” Agitprop Kickstarter !

[ Added: Correction - The source of Fairey's agitprop is discussed in a new article in the Guardian - 23.01  - and is from a fotograph from 10 years ago. So our interpretation of it referencing an appearance of hijab-wearing Saba Ahmed on Fox News in 2015 is inaccurate, though it was the first algorithmicly chosen image in our google search. And still the questions arising in regards to imposing patriotic symbolism upon Muslims living in the current climate of race-baiting and warmongering America is still an important discussion to have ! ]

Fairey is perhaps best known for his Obey art and the 2008 Obama Hope campaign. There’s lots of debates around his work, from the lack of attribution for imagery used from the Zapatistas and Black Panthers agitprop ( used for a very commercial brand ) to questions around whether an agitprop street artist making campaign posters for the Democratic Party (using vague and weak PR slogans like “Hope” ) removes him from the grassroots and/or the streets.

Appropriating imagery from popular inconography is pretty much the modus operandi for successful meme-making.  But his 2017 Inauguration poster is possibly his worst venture into muddy waters, and may even be straight out of the alt-right playbook MUCK.  Apparently his source material now references imagery from the Republican Muslim Coalition + Fox News ( more below ), and potentially constructs an ill-conceived patriotic kumbaya message for the Inaugurating event of an unambiguous racist demagogue.  His poster arguably fetishes both American imperialism and the submission of immigrant culture. This projected fantasy for unity in the the midst of systemic nationalism, war-wagings and exploitation/targeting of cultural identities, illuminates the fantasies of white male privilege, not the diversity of “we the people” and social justice for all. Either he’s a politically clueless fool , or a profiteering + useful tool ! ….

It’s an extremely COMPLICATED and problematic campaign… and difficult to criticize given all the problems and challenges we face in the TRUMPYDOM-era. We wish to be sensitive to the situation of all immigrants and the strategies they might take to navigate forseeable pressures and divides under a fanatical + racist administration, but as arts + culture propaganda, Fairey’s latest work requires (again ) some deeper critical + political analysis + debate ! *


” Fairey’s poster appears to reference Republican Muslim Coalition President Saba Ahmed, who wore the American flag as a hijab on Fox News… Very possibly a coordinated political stunt ( think: Breitbart strategists ? ) ! So now we have “progressive” political artists appropriating material from Republican and Fox propaganda ?!

Not to mention that Saba’s reasons for building a Muslim republican coalition is mostly because she’s positioned herself as a Homophobic Pro-Lifer, and says Sharia Law is closer to Republican values. Not to mention, she’s against taxing the wealthy ! LOFL ! Read her interview with Aljazeera here ( Feb 2016).

Hard to say if she’s being used. If so, we might sympathize with her sad predicament. Either way, it is crappy politics that should not be further publicized with money from kickstarter funders, who think they are supporting some form of progressive politics !

And Amplifier’s kickstarter video !?  With some good social justice and multi-kulti intentions, it nevertheless looks more like a Bennetton-like ad, full of all young, good-looking, fluffy irrealities, not cultures of resistance in nakedly vicious times ! i.e. Let’s all just be happy together shall we, as the country drones + tortures for oil and obedience ! “

At a certain point, does whatever positives you attempt to spread become negated by crappy self-centered american politics, and a liberal patriotism ? Is this empire-washing agitprop !?

To what extent does this play along with the new Trumpy strategy of washing one’s hands of all the imperial strategy fuck-ups that came before him ? And let’s not forget billionaire Trump is a product of the neo-liberal policies existing now for decades. So he cannot separate himself from other administrations, by conveniently calling everyone else stupid !

[ SEE Gary Younge's sharp critiques in the Guardian this week ]

Usually a new president must inherit the mess left by shitty economic games and all the wars bought by the previous ones. In Trumpy’s case, the prez-elect is already shooting his mouth off about leaders like Merkel and her assistance policy on refugees, rather than finding strategies to cope and deal with the impacts of one’s own countries disastrous foreign policies.”

Toothless liberal ‘democrat’ agitprop is only making that an easier task for this new collaborative con of bullying and obfuscating REPUBLICRATS  ! “

XLt analyst


We should mention, XLterrestrials have been developing our own agitprop…ART STRIKES BACK against NORMALIZATION – read more here!

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