Turtle Islands Strategies v.14: From Front Line Organizers …


There’s a whole lot of analyzing and a whole lot of blaming and a whole lot of anxiety… BUT what’s to be done !??

We’ll be adding to this list, as time allows, but here’s a few good strategy guides, beginning with Bill Quigley – the Associate Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights and a law professor at Loyola University New Orleans, who first came to our attention during the Katrina crisis.

1. Twelve Ideas Post-Election from Front Line Organizers

2. The Yes Men’s Guide to Resisting Trump

3. Is America ready for a municipalist movement? by Alexander Kolokotronis for ROAR

4. Art Strikes Back : Against the Normalization of FASCISM ( work-in-porgress)

5. The #NoDAPL struggle. All the strategies we can learn and expand upon, happening currently in Dakota, which we’ve been reporting on. See our previous Strategies For Turtle Islands blog entries, where you can find links + resources ( needs work ).


For the XLterrestrials, the Dakota resistance represents a crucial focus for a new environmental movement which in the era of the climate change threats  becomes a front line issue, which could effectively bridge a wide variety of groups in solidarity and civil actions.

And for us the indigenous language bypasses many of the tangled and stuck fragmentations of the left.

Protecting Mother Earth, Water is Life, Seven Generations, and Sovereignity + Survival for culture(s) – concepts + strategies that essentially pre-date the invasive Krapitalist species that has turned the world on its head, and/or the turtle on its back.

Could we reboot or re-ground ourselves again from a point in human existence which is prior to the departure when civilization/ society no longer functioned as a co-existing organism on planet earth ?! Could we all take the lead from indigenous culture which still embodies most of those pre-krapitalist, pre-consumerist, pre-industrialism ideals and ways of life !? And take those directives and ethical positions to counter the ecocidal governance that is now accelerated by failing democracies.

Not to be boggled in new agey thinking, this needs to be as concrete as the standoff at Standing Rock ! And we might ask ourselves : Could this resistance be replicated by communities acting in solidarity to the front lines of wherever you are right now !?


more to come !

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