T.I. Strategies v.13 : Art Strikes Back – Against the Normalization of FASCISM


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When Mass Media becomes primarily a tool owned by the powerful and wealthy, it becomes, more often then not a weapon against the masses. For-profit communication technologies are then used to steer and manage perception…  to download direction and instruction, to distract and misinform, to channel and capture the crowd,  to lure and manipulate consumers… in short, to use its audiences for its own agendas.

During the recent US (s)election campaigns, communication technologies owned by corporate enterprise stooped to an all-new and dangerous low by amplifying the voice of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, narcissism and hate ! Not an entirely new phenomenon, but never done with such consolidated recklessness as to swing an election for a president of the world’s most militarized nation into the grip of a rising fascist mentality.

As we have pointed out in an earlier piece, voters are hardly to blame, as the playing/battle fields are the construct of a mediated culture… one that, we might say, is managed as tightly as any dictatorship…  by the ruling class !

Strategies For Turtle Islands v.13 :

Alternative Media Art Strikes Back !

Ways to mobilize arts + media to counter the current attempts to normalize any racism, white supremacy and/or fascism !

Trump’s election is NOT normal, and no media should be portraying it as an acceptable or tolerable outcome. It was NOT a result of a legitimate democratic process, NOT the will of the people, NOT a majority victory, and NOT the way forward for an intelligent sustainable society !


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