Ok, Let’s Break Down This Democrat’s Farewell … Obama in Btropolis


A picture above looks at the Adlon Hotel just down the street from Brandenburger Tor, The US and UK Embassy … where… ” Large areas of central Berlin have been cordoned off during the visit and the US president will travel to meetings in a 27-car motorcade. ” – From the UK Guardian’s “Obama meets Merkel in Berlin to discuss TTIP and Russia in wake of Trump win“.

Apparently, this last Prez Obama visit isn’t about trying to repair any of the many damages done by the Democratic Party’s miserable foreign policy strategies over the last eight years.  Certainly no talk of emergency and cooperative aid to a metastisizing refugee crisis, where still now in winter Medicine Sans Frontier reports almost DAILY about RESCUING up to 100, 200 fleeing HUMANS out of the Mediterranean Border Pool Of Death ; It’s about using the threat of the coming rabid recombinant dog Trump ( also in part a Democrats’ Frankenstein lab experiment gone awry ) to quickly coax or coerce its ‘closest partner’ * Germany into furthering the US vision of blood-sucking globalization !  From resurrecting the TTIP’s blatant corporate global putsch to the dreamy Cold War aggressiveness and the thoughtful gift of a returning eastern front ! Lovely conciliatory package isnt it ?

Corporate media is doing a wonderful job of pushing the White House PR agendas… More from the Guardian:

In a joint op-ed published on the eve of the president’s visit in the German weekly Wirtschafts Woche, the leaders appealed on behalf of TTIP, the future of which is in doubt after Trump’s election success and protests across Europe, saying “there will not be a return to a world before globalisation”.

Translation : There’s no going backwards to pre-neo-liberal fascism ! Let’s DO THIS NOW friends… before … god knows what other brands of fascism will come next !

For us Berliners, one can barely look at the Adlon Hotel without thinking of Michael Jackson waving a baby over his balcony for the crowd below… But, now perhaps it may come to be known as where Obama – the popstar charmer prez – came to do his last Juggling  ( Monsanto ) Carrots Act to entertain his fellow EU / G7 bizness clowns.

No, No No … the democrats have much more to own up to for the current chaos ! And those of us who don’t swallow corporate PR briefs whole, aren’t gonna be mesmerized by this embarrasing final trade show !

And btw, GO HOME OBAMA and deal with your promises made to the indigenous communities in Dakota. #NoDAPL .#waterislife .. And in your last 2 months quit shoving more fossil fools and anti-labor trade pacts down our throats !

GO HOME and deal with Flint, #waterispoisoned , victims of militarized racist police #blacklivesmatter, the mass surveillance apparatus  + drone assassinations ( now in the hands of white supremacists ), pardoning Chelsea Manning, Snowden … and Leonard Peltier, etc, etc. …

Oh … and … not to be too hard on the poor Democrats who have lost their brains , their guts, their spines and their underpants… but still have all their Wall Street friends… We should all be reminded this is the party whose apparent recourse for the next four years is to say “Hey,  Let’s give Trump a chance ! “


* Is Germany Obama’s closest partner, because intel sucks the data off of the Chancelor’s mobile or because Merkel and Co. really, sovereignly likes you ?!

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