Turtle Islands v.11: Remedies For Inflammated + Unelected Trumps


{ Lines in the sand are being drawn ! See below * }

Strategies for Turtle Islands… it’s time to assemble a list of emergency responses ! This Trumposis is a life-threatening new illness which further complicates the already fragile state of  living systems …  We were already in critical condition, and this additional human-made + corporate empowered + fascistic state menace is extremely contagious and a serious danger to becoming a planetary, terminal epidemic, requiring immediate global citizen attention… This is NOT A JOKE !

But there are MANY POSSIBILITIES to prevent any further outbreak and to quickly reduce the nasty swelling !


Now is a crucial time for creative + independent-thinking media, action, courage, bold moves, new vision and solidarities across a broad spectrum… And we need to work collectively and on multiple scales ! We welcome your ideas and strategies. Write us !

The XLterrestrials and the CiTiZEN KiNO project are still fundraising, and could use your help now more than ever… IF you’re able to consider donating to our media education and all our arts + praxis, please contact us NOW !

New maps: While the one above might be a joke … It can still represents some outside-the-box and not-yet-articulated strategies that might actually become real objectives ( when researched or combined with grassroots people power ), real threats, real tests of our constructed boundaries …  and newly opened frames, even if it isn’t one we have a critical mass to mobilize.

more coming !

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