Strategies For Turtle Islands v.10: Support The Multicultural Planet Everywhere !


{ Foto: Junun at Funkhaus Berlin, by XLterrestrials }

While we are assembling a list of carefully considered Strategies For Turtle Islands, we begin with one very simple path. One of the most healing things to do in these terrifying times : GO OUT and SUPPORT and LIVE + BREATHE IN the exquisite diversity of our multicultural planet !!!

Remember to always be on the side of diversity and all the alternative and non-corporate cultures ! Support the independent culture makers ! Small publishers, small businesses, local bookstores, artists, musicians, venues + galleries which are allies for the political arts and activism world. Be vigilant, and keep an eye out for when our beautiful neighbors from the other side of the world need our support, or maybe even the ones in the flat just down the hall from yours. In these economicly challenging times, spending your money in the right places matters! Choose the community culture over blockbuster films, Starfucks, chain stores and corporate-managed stadium concerts !

Note: A few of things that triggered this post, was a social media cry for help from the radical Pluto Press as the election results in the US came in, and a concerned reminder from the founder of the underground arts+comics publisher Ron Turner who founded Last Gasp.

Plus a rare and luxurious anomaly in the concert world,  this weekend’s performance by Junun – hosted at the Funkhaus Berlin – a group which came to our attention a few months ago when we picked up the new album in a public library. And even though it’s something we should have been aware of as avid world music collectors, it was brought to our attention because of Jonny Greenwood ( Radiohead ) collaborating with these incredible Rajasthani musicians from various regions and cultures of India and Pakistan !

So, if ya happen to be a (western) rockstar, a reminder, use it to promote the real shit ! Let’s share and celebrate the work that connects us all to our own higher selves !

… Thank you Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & The Rajasthan Express – ‘Junun’  … and Funkhaus Berlin Globalistas Unite !

And if these cats are passing thru your town, go experience the beautiful vibes !  Heard they were on their way to Utrecht next…

The experience was all way beyond anything that words can describe. So have a listen :

Junun [Official Album Trailer]

Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood, and the Rajasthan Express – Allah Elohim

Junun – homepage ( on Nonesuch )

Stay Inspired !


More info ( and more pics ) about this project and the experience at Funkhaus and about this otherwordly venue …coming soon.

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