S.F.T.I. v.9.11: Trump Didn’t Win An Election, He Won A Mr. Flatulent + Fascist Universe Pageant


{ Note: A CiTiZEN KiNO collage we made for our series of events, but were reluctant to use, as it put to much emphasis ( and predictive inclinations ) on Trump, when it was a 2-party system horror show – a facade of an election – that gave rise to two inept, sinister, rotten and wholly illegitimate candidates. The Trump image was plundered from Bill Griffith, who invented the Zippy The Pinhead comics in the 70s. We also decided to not use it for our poster, because it was too comical. Fascism has no punchlines ! And we honestly didn’t expect that the system would allow such a national self-flagellation to occur. }

Strategies For Turtle Islands  РV.9.11 -

Trump Didn’t Win An Election, He Won A Mr. Flatulent + Fascist Universe Pageant

The XLterrestrials would just like to take this moment to remind you, this was NOT AN ELECTION ! … this is what happens when two desperate right-wing marketing strategies have nothing left to sell you, and will do everything they can to keep power rather than going to jail ! This is what it looks and smells like when white cannibal shit hits the fan ! … And it’s all theirs ! Not ours …

Do not let the political pundits, nor ourselves, blame the voters, blame the left, blame the 3rd parties, blame the stupidity of a poorly educated, bitter and/or backward people. This was a combination of sophisticated manipulation and the management of perception by mass media profiteers and the ruling class, and, if anything’s still laughable, it’s the pathetic failure and entrenched Washington oblivion of the Democratic Party strategists to cater to NONE of the actual electorate’s real interests or concerns.

But let’s first focus on the media, since this is perhaps the 1st truly cyber-netizen election in hell, i.e. A population so funneled through the pipelines of corporate communications irreality, they can not discern the difference between screens and swamplands-for-sale.

The corporate media constructed and stole this election ! And opportunisticly laughed all their ways to the bank by producing the most epicly stupid + faked mongoloid¬† mud-wrestling spectacle of all time ! And any news or media outlet now so cowardly calling this AN ELECTION … a DEMOCRATIC ELECTION … WON by Donald Trump, should be figuratively or literally, whichever comes first, burned to the ground.

We have yet to see any major news media organization questioning the legitimacy of this election ! No one rejecting it as an illegitimate democracy, rejecting the outcome as a fraudulent and corrupt enterprise ! Of course not, those who propped up and gave this burnt-Orange terror-clown the mic and co-created this racist, sexist, tyrannical Frankenstein will continue to play this tragedy-for-dollars to the very bitter end.

But there’s no way in hell anyone who is still awake and still human, should continue to be so stupid or lazy enough to buy any further into this mediated descent into the abyss !

Of course it will not be easy and certainly not our only strategy, but it’s the most simple and most pragmatic beginning to make our clear departure from the narratives of all those mediated Lemming Broadcasters who operate this Dark Mirror and Authoritarians-R-us mini-series ! This is a channel that must be deleted to be Liberated !

Note: We’re currently hunting through Thomas De Zengotita’s lucid book Mediated. (2005) for some good quotes … to help us understand how this bullshit came so far.

to be cont.

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