Turtle Islands v.9 : The XLt Guide To Indigenous Resistance + Tactics For Everyone


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The XLt Guide To Indigenous Resistance

- work-in-progress -

A Preface :

TURTLE ISLAND is the name many indigenous tribes and environmental activists ( since the 70s) use for the so-called “North American” territories. We use the plural – islands – to connect and reflect upon our varying degrees of experiences and impacts in our colonized, fragmented, war-torn, threatened world. Ever since reporting on the Climate Crisis since COP16 in Copenhagen in 2009 ( and then participating in the Anthropocene debates which developed soon after ), we have come to the conclusion that we all now share the same struggles to protect our common home, the Earth.

The XLterrestrials do not suggest that we are all currently in the same boat (nor on the same island ) as the most vulnerable populations, but we acknowledge that the Indigenous Resistance shows us the way to respect and defend the land and the waters ( from which we all come, and all depend ) like it is our very last chance to survive ! The more we learn from and embody this “Indigenous Mind” the more empowered we will become to reclaim our lives and our shared habitat, and change the systems that are destroying it !

This is NOT a romantic or nostalgic approach to our future, it’s learning about  obligations, solidarities, commitments, respect, passion, dignity… and by any technologies necessary !

Tactics For Everyone / Resources / Fundraisers


Mathew Cooke from the project Filming Cops explains it best. Showing you how you can take your money out of 2 of the funders in the above map, Chase and Wells Fargo, in 1.5 hours ( and probably a couple more to make, edit and post the video ) … WATCH HERE ! And follow : #BANKEXIT


Amy Goodman and Democracy Now are getting more tactical than usual and started naming the names behind the Energy Transfer Partners… Musicians and music fans are gathering their forces to Boycott a festival by ETP’s CEO.  More research will likely be required to find out how to make a billionaire oiligarch feel the pressures ( financially ), but it’s a start ! MORE HERE !


Here below is an image from the Ruckus Society in the SF Bay Area about how to organize actions to make local businesses ( in your own areas ) who are involved in illegal activities w/ the DAPL project know how you feel !


IndigenousEnviroNet ?@IENearth

IEN – the North American network of Indigenous Peoples is calling for a Day of Actions on Nov. 15 !

Indigenous leaders are calling on us to take to the streets and disrupt “business-as-usual” one week after the election to demand that President Obama’s Army Corps of Engineers and the incoming administration stop the Dakota Access Pipeline — and all those after it.






- to be cont. -

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