Wireless progre$$ (part 2): the iphone idolatry and Jobs as the Steve Ballmer crackhead 2.0!?



We think it might be important for those who have made the pilgrimage to Macworld this week to get a grip on the fact that unless the new iphone has upgrades to work underwater and/or during the next ice age, withstand ied-s, and/or annihilate the deathstar of the warmongers… there’s not really much social progress that will be made with a phone, an ipod , and a camera wrapped into one ( wow, revolutionary as a latte with xtra foam on valencia street!) when so-called western civilization crashes. If you still think yur in some kinda radical future wonderland from sniffing the new carpet smells of the Moscone trade center and Mr. Jobs’ lite-sweatin silicon valley underarms, we suggest you check into Gadget-rehab and then ask a few of the following questions:

1.Are Jobs and Steve Ballmer two sides of the same career coin? ( anyone who has seen Atmo Films’ Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers… will know what we are talking about here… A film which features speakers like Kalle Lasn warning that advertising pollutes us mentally and that over-consumption is unsustainable!)

2.There was a lot of shit that’s been going down these last years, ya know if u were payin attention and all, especially in the field of media communications and civil liberties … from Net Neutrality to the NSA’s illegal surveillance to journalists Josh Wolf in prison ( now 146 days : FREE JOSH WOLF WIKI ) and Sarah Olson subpoened … when did the beloved “progressives” of Apple inc. show a spine in any of it ? Or is it just business as usual for the panopticon architects and empire builders?

3.Is it true that Greenpeace was forcibly removed from MacWorld ( and previously ignored) for raising serious questions about the toxins produced in all that #$%^&@ i-poison merch!? Simple requests for a Green Mac are so far ignored… Wassup Mr. Crackhead 2.0, that too radical a question for ya ?

need a few more?

This is not an anti-technology rant, but to point out that on the scale of pushing the envelope of new directions, Apple registers nearly Nada on the richter-scale of social change.

To give you an example of where the technology sector might go to have some impact on our seriously tanking humanity, here’s another anecdote and a thought-process we have wanted to detourn for sometime:

When tech crackhead 1.2 , Nicholas Negroponte, brother of longtime Neo-Con war-pusher John Negroponte, goes about spouting something as absurd as “For Every Child a Computer” as a strategy to upgrade regions like Brazil to the New World Order… and goes about devising a computer which can be manufactured for $100 a pop… don’t be such a sucker for these lame-ass salespitchers dressed in do-good uniforms; This is not a social agenda but a colonial one! Education doesn’t require selling a computer to every child and hooking them on merchandise from northern companies… it needs the venture vultures off their backs and concepts for sustainable futures…Yo NegroPonce! ever heard of libraries?! Technology needs to seriously return to the drawing board and remember very simple concepts like libraries, shared-resources, and local community business growth, NOT how many products can we download on every possible individual in poverty! or elsewhere!

So back to our first beef: fuck your iphone Jobs! it’s as backward and catastrophic as manifest destiny and empire!

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