Strategies for Turtle Islands: Part 3 – The Media


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Strategies for Turtle Islands

Part 3 – The Media

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Naturally we’d like to just move on to discussing what movements are arising in solidarity to steer planetary consciousness away from the US “selectoral” trainwreck and onward to face practical on-the-ground challenges for both local communities and global inhabitants, and not just humans in the Anthropocene scenarios, but all our relations. The activated indigenous cultures ( repeatedly threatened by colonialism, displacement, slavery, genocides…  ) are really at the forefront of holistic and revolutionary thinking, because frankly they are just NOT as invested in, or as much suckers to, the seductive + delusional practices/promises of the corporate brain-tap and nation-state agendas.

Even our highly-trained XLTerrestrials group of psychomedia analysts can’t help watching the fascinating and utterly tragic selection gameshow, or as J.G Ballard once framed it – an Atrocity Exhibition.

So for any westerncentric, tuned-in and hijacked, mass-mediated and globalized audio-visual cortex, it is important to first deconstruct the MEDIA. And ask ourselves: Is another kind of media, community-run, the first-step to recovery and/or system change and/or another possible world ?!

Yes and No. The No side is harder to answer, so we’ll come back to that.

To create an alternative to the krapitalist and corporate versions of technologically-devolving communications  has been one of our main objectives with CiTiZEN KiNO and other projects here on the XLT podopolog for more than a decade.

We have never really had access to any substantial funding, so things have been slow-going, but the ideas have undergone numerous developments and crystallizations. We still lack the means for successful execution/production. But even that would perhaps be irrelevant, if more of the public would attempt similar media strategies on their own, and/or expanding upon our humble beginnings. If working on alternative media platforms is your approach to upgrading planetary consciousness and collective intelligence, then perhaps our latest proposals will be of benefit to you. Any feedback, desires to collaborate, or suggestions to find better funding, please contact us.

XLterrestrials propose a different kind of media… a system for public media navigations…

CiTiZEN KiNO #57+58+59 : Strategies for Turtle Islands : ( part 2 )

( written for Memefest 2016, but an evolution of an arts + social media praxis which began c. 2004 )


We have been following the work and analytical writings of Daniel Pinchbeck for some years. His most recent social media post yesterday following the depressing spectacle of Republicrat debates is sharp. And we were reminded that he too, with the Evolver project, saw alternative media mixed with social tools and community gatherings as a key territory for helping humans get their shit together before it’s too late…

His articulations of the problems are an excellent start to see where exactly we are at on this precarious map in 2016, and with a few insights on where things need to go from here…

Read in full on his Frackbook page. Here’s an excerpt below:

The corporate media, tied to the complex of hyper-consumerism and capital accumulation, is the main engine driving us toward a species-level collapse. [ Global ] Warming is spiking now and we know from past epochs that once feedback loops are engaged, we can get a 6 – 8 degree rise within a half century. At that point, with forests gone and oceanic plankton no longer reproducing, we run out of oxygen and asphyxiate.

Personally, I made an initial admittedly naive attempt to create an alternative media platform and transformative corporation / nonprofit when I started Evolver a decade ago. Through our nonprofit, we developed a model for local communities to come together to explore transformative ideas and practices such as permaculture and complementary currencies. Alas, we couldn’t find a revenue model that supported our volunteers to scale the project, and it ultimately collapsed. The company wasn’t able to attract the investment capital we needed to create powerful alternative media.

I still feel that basic model combining media with social tools and on-the-ground local communities is the model most likely to be effective. The vision behind such an enterprise has to go beyond Clintonian Neoliberalism: We need to rally around a profoundly new vision of what we want to be and do together as a civilization.
We have to do something to counteract the forces that have reduced the mass of the US people to a level of inanity that has few historical precedents.

The NO part ( i.e. media and tech solutions are not the answer ) of the XLT analysis acknowledges another view of the MEDIATED problem,  that is to say, to become technologically inter-connected is grossly over-rated + over-emphasized in most westerncentric movements. [ And It’s even less a viable medium for liberation and intelligence upgrades now that the net and the whole technological (consumer) realms have been militarized by predatory companies.

If we take some lessons and our cues from the indigenous resistance, i.e those massive and historic coalitions now forming against the Dakota pipeline(s)… Their emphasis is rather on close-knit communities, tribal affinities and solidarity, families and extended families, respect for habitat (sacred earth) and obligations to future generations. Media tools are just not a primary concern. And the cultures are perhaps not as vulnerable to their infinite distractions. i.e. Water is life; Not the commercial or the message for saving the water.

The media map is not the territory.

But then the trick of the matter may be: how does a society unplug its own culture from the colonial machines and systems of control ?!

But more on that later.

to be cont.

AND…  Checkout one of our recent fave gifs on the Shillary vs Trump selection… but remember this isnt really the time to pacify and distract people with humour… Good tactical agitprop leads to ideas for action … far beyond the webby clicks !

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