A Post-Electoral Uprising on Turtle Island : ( Part 1 )


Originally we wanted to do a piece entitled ” The XLterrestrials Guide to U.$. $elections ” to help people navigate the mindfuck created by entirely fraudulent, coporate-massaged s-elections. But given the recent extraordinary standoff in Dakota – #NODAPL – against the Oiligarchy’s ever-expanding pipeline(s) to the great ecocide, a “parallel politics” arises which supersedes any critical analysis of the surrender ( and coercions ) into lesser evilism and the usual exercises of total democratic failure. More vital, urgent and engaging Post-Electoral strategies are already being born !

The mind-numbing Shillary and Trump-nutz Show ( a new genre of Reality Sitcom Horror ) is suddenly discontinued, the spell is broken, the Channel-for-Idiots may be permanently changed  …

We interrupt this meaningless bullshit program !

This is an emergency broadcast !

to be cont.


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