CiTiZEN KiNO – New season, new collaborations, new thin wafer experimints…


New season, new collaborations, new thin wafer experimints…

< 03.09 > CiTiZEN KINO#56: Music Videos on Mount Olympus @ Veteranenstrassefest #2, B-Mitte ( Frackybook invite for C-KiNO )

We’ve assembled an illustrious and juicy XLterrestrials jury to analyze and critique some of the most politically-engaged sounds + vision ( i.e. music clips ) ever made.

Part of the strategy of this new CiTiZEN KiNO episode is to continue looking for ways to go beyond the screens, and build up the network of politically-engaged artists in Btropolis (and beyond). We’ve reached out to music “industry” veterans to participate.

… And we hope to expand the idea, and repeat this show at other venues and cities… And perhaps looking into a collaboration with Brotfabrik in October, and in 2017, to screen some of our favorite feature-length ( music ) docs – standby for a potential list.

to be cont.

alternative poster for CK56…


And PLEASE NOTE : It’s never too late to overcome the increasingly stupid corporate mass media… And become a sponsor of TACTICAL ARTS + PRAXIS…  Become a C-KiNO sponsor  ! Buy season tickets ! Advertise your own work or company project !

This year we offer – to like-minded + ecologically-caring entities – a spot to put your logo or media clip onto our world-touring C-KINO screens ! Contact us and ask us how you can drop some money into our educational fund.  ( We use Patreon, Paypal and good ol’ meet-ups at a local worker-owned cafe to share coffee and do our banking + transactions direct. )


Note: Everyone and his/her long lost uncle Shruggz and his show dog Jeepers seems to be doing an event this weekend… Here’s a list of MORE things on The XLT radar… and upcoming bits in Btropolis:

- Polnischer Versager – 15 years anniversary jubilee

- EXBerliner issue on Polski culture in Berlin out now

- Czentrifuga – Step Across The Border – Benefit for Calais Refugees At SupaMolly – Sept. 3

- Negativeland Tour coming to the EU

- Jello Biafra dj set at White Trash – Sept.4

- Palestinian, Tunisian and Kuwati hiphop at Yaam – Sept. 14

- Easterndaze label in Berlin – Sept/ Oct.

- TTP and CETA Demo in Berlin – Sept 17 (?)

- 25 Years Stubnitz Friendship – Oct. 16


more coming soon !

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