XLt Radar cont., the Hyper-Local Summery Spirits ( v.3 )


One of the best things about living in Btropolis is the solidarity networks, particularly around alternative housing projects – hausprojecte.

And it’s currently high season for solidarity summer parties – Hoffesten – We’ll be listing a few below. They always make great posters, and while hunting for the one that lists all the 2016 haus parties, we came across alot of useful links we hadn’t visited for awhile – from KVU, Baiz, Brunnen 6/7, Leute am Teute , etc… stuff we haven’t probably listed here in a long time.

So we’ll be adding those down below as well. Though certainly not a comprehensive index…

We’re too busy putting together the next CiTiZEN KiNO #56: Music Videos on Mount Olympus…  This time at a new location – the Rosengarten Cafe in Weinbergs Park,  for the 2nd annual Veteranenstrassefest ! And we’re focusing on building a network of people who [ STILL ] make their livelihoods in the music worlds, veterans of the “Industry”, and inviting them to take part as jurors to vote on the most politically-engaged music videos ever made… you know, the ones that are tactically poised to set your brain +/or  your world on fire ! The cream of the crop from various cultures of resistance.


The initiator of this new fest is Mike Riemel aka dj Aussenborder, also perhaps best known in the art sector for his book Flyer Soziotope… And an ol’ colleague from one of Btropolis’ earliest media (hack)labs and co-working spaces – the Bootlab. Not to mention his involvement in various grassroots radio projects from Reboot FM, Collab radio, etc.

Needless to say, Riemel’s got a killer overview of what’s been happening with Btropolis wave-makers over decades !

On the XLT Radar :

< 27.08 > Linien206 Birthday Party, Linienstr. Btropolis

< 27.08 > Stereo Total at Communications Museum, LangeNacht der Museen

< 28.08 > Tired and Betrayed + Zapoteks at Cortina Bob’s. Kberg

< 31.08 > Cinema Politica Berlin featuring Iara Lee’s K2 & the Invisible Footmen, at Du Beast ( frackbook invite )

< 03.09 > CiTiZEN KINO @ Veteranenstrassefest #2, B-Mitte ( Frackybook for C-KinO )

< 03.09 > Brunnen 6/7 Hoffest, B-Mitte

< 03.09 > Haus Schwarzenberg Hoffest, B-Mitte

< 03.09 > Welcome Festival – am Templehoferfeld

< 03.09 > Step Across The Border w/ Czentrifuga, Supamolly, Fhain

< 25.09 > The EX at Roter Salon, Mitte

< 28.09 > Negativeland at Roter Salon

to be cont.

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