The XLT Guide To Getting Over The Big Shillary Hump !


The XLT Guide To Getting Over The Big Shillary Hump !

( Selections in The US )

The XLterrestrial analysts, like many of you, have been spending an insane number of hours slogging through the excruciating news coverage of the US Selection process, in order to be good global citizens, and help navigate the planet’s future, as it will likely be significantly shaped by one of most powerful, self-righteous and corrupt governments in history… or NOT !

ANd now we finally have it figured out ! … stay tune for our guide to US SELECTIONS, and what WE – as global citizens – can do about it.

ANd if you would like to support THIS exclusive + independent report ( and possible series of articles ) write to us HERE , and ask how you can DONATE to our alien staff – no relation to The Simpson’s Two-Party System aliens pictured above. ;)

More on The Republicrats, HRC and The Clintons, Drumpf + Trumpnutz, Hillary’s emails (+ Wikileaks), Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, Gary Johnson, etc…

Here’s a quick Selections Primer from the mad cartoon genius of Matt Groenig, Harry Shearer and crew… The Two-Party System. Watch the whole hilarious CiTIZEN KANG episode ( still searching, but here’s another taste ). Cartoons  don’t get more accurate than THIS ! :)

to be continued !

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