Lika Camp, Out of the Over-mediated Zones ( Updated ) !


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Out of the Over-mediated Zones !

( Updated )

Here are some links to get us started:
Original planning doc:
Twitter: #LikaCamp2016
UnCiv mailing list archive:

And a review + analysis + thoughts for any future LIKA camps is currently being compiled by Vesna at Tech Inc in Amsterdam, stay tune !

original post follows…

Lika Camp is a project that we won’t say too much about while it’s in progress over the next 2 weeks, but we’re busy taking notes.  Presenting a version of our Citizen Kino #54/55: “Collective Identities / Agencies”… Taking small workshoppy skill-sharing sessions…literally building a new road… ( and toilets )… and meditating on the future of newly engaged planetary consciousness, which may entail:

A. preparing for a civilization breakdown

B. imagining how to survive an “Uncivilization” era ( see Dark Mountain concepts as a starting point, but we have our own variations on that ).

C. Upgrading Planetary Collective Intelligence, before it’s too late, and imagining a reasonable balance of high tech culture and living organisms, i.e. a mix that does not further disrupt the pre-techno-fascist’s reshaped + mangled earth. Antifa + Anti-Ecocide !

D. Undoing the dim-witted “un-leadership” which is violently cracking apart the EU, the States and other regions… the drivers of a downward spiral/cycle of predatory corporate-krapitalist transnational warmongering divide+conquer imperalialism.

E. All of the Above, electrically amplified, w/ perhaps a nod to Tesla’s left path visions of a socialist circuitry vision + Steiner’s holistic organisms (?) … 2 inspirations both born in the Balkans, btw.

Deep in the rural Balkans with very bad net connections is a blessing in disguise and one step back and 3 steps forward … into naked truths … empty… full … deep dive !

Listening to “I Love you Ono” by Stereo Total … is the current mood.

” Big Money, Big System, Big Fame, Big Brother,  No no no no, i don’t need it, perfect system, i am foreign, no no no ! “


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