Globalista Radio Kits, You Know Ya Wanna Telekommune !


coming soon to your internal cinema engines !

XTra Special Summer DEAL !

Subscribe now as a Patron of the XLterrestrials + CiTIZEN KiNO series and receive as a perk/gift the GlOBALISTA RADIO KITS – one-a-month for the whole year.

Contact us now! Send an email with a request with Subject: “I wanna Telekommune !” And  you will receive an email about how you can donate/subscribe … and a menu of things you can receive:

- A special series of GLOBALISTA RADIO KITS w/ instructions of how you can use them to Telekommune* with your dearest + significant musical Others ! ( try one, or experiment w/the  entire set of 12, sent once-per-month )

This is an all-new XLT experiment in transforming + training + upgrading collective planetary consciousness !

Also Now available ( for a limited time ) :

- season tickets to CiTiZEN KiNO – tactical cinema shows ( in Btropolis )

- CiTiZEN KiNO tote bags

- XLterrestrials T-shirts

[ Sorry, due to the intimate nature and advanced level of arts+culture interactions, we will not be able to describe the Globalista Kit's full functions until you send us an email ( part 1 ) and decide to become a patron + subscriber ( part 2 ) ]


Your friendly XLterrestrials

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PLEASE NOTE: Another new way YOU can also help fund XLT arts + praxis articles + research, by donating at our *new* PATREON PAGE, HERE !

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* Telekommune :  w/ a nod of thanks and appreciation to the hard-working folks from Telekommunisten arts + tech group in Btropolis. Our own definition of this concept and what it might mean in the realm of musical communications is a research-work-in-progress.

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  1. Philippe Says:

    Sign me up! I’m interested. let me know how to proceed.

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