Oct. 11 – Freedom Not Fear – International Day Of Action – Radio 1984 – Projections + Analysis

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Orwell’s dystopian scenarios have simultaneously become both a ubiquitous cliche and a gross understatement; the new technological landscape has perhaps become Big Brother’s ultimate wet dream.

Citizens willfully participate in their own surveillable trails and profiles via cubicled labor often disguised as daily ritual leisure and entertainment. Now obsessive – compulsive knowledge-as-power and immediate connectedness to everywhere and nowhere is also a direct feed * to state and corporate eyes + controls, as if a sudden metamorphosis of television’s virtualizing scars became overnight a tattoo and bar code parasite upon the inner and outer mind, private and public and industrial spheres. The great social, patriarchal and consumer insect flat on its back, its legs progressively reaching further into the thin air… is all the rage.

The good news is that the entire system starts to look more and more like a Negroponte plan to build 2- car garages on a made-in-china moon for every tourist-prisoner. As the corporate-capitalist mudslides of the over-virtualized North reveals the disembodied fantasy island of military IT contractors to be nothing more than shit-on-a-stick in a 99cent-Disneyland-Guantanamo store, the whole stank ruse could be as easy to unplug as a broken toaster which uniformly blackens your breakfast.

Oct. 11 – Freedom Not Fear – International Day Of Action

On a practical and tactical note, Radio 1984, a project from Mikro.FM will report all day from a worldwide day of action against “the encroachment of civil liberties by anti-terrorist laws — particularly in the online world. This year the protests take place this Saturday, October 11th in nearly thirty countries, including the very first events in the Americas”. ( from EFF.org’s Deeplinks Blog )

Radio 1984 LIVE ONLINE STREAM (ab 11.10.08 – 13 Uhr CET ) :


And in Berlin:

Demo: 11.10.2008
14.00 Uhr, Alexanderplatz

“Der staatlichen Repression entgegentreten! Terroristisch ist das System – nicht der Widerstand!” Mehr Info auf Stressfaktor

* Speaking of Direct Feeds, here’s a clip of artivist Hugh D’Andrade painting a mural at the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco explaining the now infamous Room 641a connecting YOU and the NSA.

Added: Here’s some pics from the demo today which marched from Alexanderplatz around the Reichstag and to the Brandenburgertor… An XLT report coming soon.

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