XLt Guide to Collective Art Identities …


XLt Guide to Collective Art Identities

and Collective Agency …

If YOU are a Podopolog reader, or just discovering our site now, please consider donating to help us cover arts + politics stories. Write us for details.

We need your support to produce articles like the one currently under construction here: an investigation into people – in various situations – who take on collective identities.

1. to build projects with the potentials for wider impacts on society and systems of governance

2. to escape the parameters of the more conventional and/or banal artworld scenarios which are grotesquely intertwined with the production and consumption of celebrities and personality cults, and transforming human creativity primarily into commodity forms.

3. to provide a shield for individuals and communities who wish to push hard on political positions in a world where free speech – in reality – is more like a valve that can be turned off when people + corporations in power are threatened.

And 4. because our shared habitat is in grave danger, and the only way we can even begin to reclaim it is to work together ! … etc…

to be cont.

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