XLt on Art Collectives + Tactical Communities + Time Travel


{ usual day in the lab, XLt at Spektrum. foto: Maria Runarsdottir }

Recently, while giving an interview to The Exberliner about our work, we were given an opportunity to revisit WHY we’ve chosen a collective identity platform, as opposed to individual identities expressing themselves through our various XLterrestials’ mediums like this Podopolog and our CiTiZEN KiNO series.

We discovered that what was once a tactical decision is also an intuitive path which – over time – reveals traits of complex and multi-layered origins, and begins to shape – over time – a certain philosophical orbit, forms of resistance and a (counter-) cultural trajectory of conscious + interconnected organisms. And the collective platform is most definitely an extension of our work to explore and experiment with “media self-defense” … in a perpetually shifty climate of a globalized cybernetic regime.

We’re very happy to have gotten some much-needed exposure through the magazine. Afterall we do strive for meaningful livelihoods with our productions and creative activism; And public support is absolutely essential to our well-being and sustainability.

Now out-in-print the new ExBerliner June issue on ” post-capitalism / radical futures” is available for purchase at local bookstores and various cafes ( i.e. Buchhandlung Cafe and Pro QM in Mitte, B-Books in Kreuzberg, etc. ). A fascinating and timely topic ! Go out and buy one to support their efforts to cover the local scenes, while also managing to dig into juicy zeitgeisty topics. And also because many parts of this issue will probably not be featured online.

Out now_JUNE2

{ Features interviews with Dmytri Kleiner, Max Haiven, Jeremie Zimmerman, XLt collective and many more.. }

Given the fast-paced nature of city mag productions and their slim cost-efficient journalist + intern teams, there is in our XLt view much much more that can and should be said about the topic of collective identities in a predatory krapitalist world.  Things that we only touched upon in our interview with them. [ Look for: Interview with the Aliens ]

And we thought it would be a great theme to elaborate on HERE for our own Podopolog outlet for far stranger, non-commercial and more radical investigations. And no doubt raising more questions that we – alone – will be able to answer !

So …

XLt on Art Collectives + Tactical Communities ( + time travel ) …

- work-in-progress -

To begin…

The XLterrestrials have been a collective art project since…


i.e. since 2133

[ We just discovered Wordpress does not accomodate Tibetan fonts, at least not with our version. One of us may need an upgrade. ]

Truth be told, we may have¬† been operating longer than your notions of planetary time might guess, and will hopefully extend much further into the future than any contemporary earthling art scene’s attention spans will allow.

to be cont.

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