18.Mai >> CiTiZEN KiNO #53: Technospheres and Exit Strategies


< May 18 > CiTiZEN KiNO #53: Technospheres and Exit Strategies, at Spektrum-Berlin, 20:00h

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TECHNOSPHERE (s)“  … A curious + controversial new-ish term – (1960s; earliest use found in Science ) which attempts to describe a human-made “novel ecosystem” ( see wikipedia ) which we now – more or less – inhabit.

Perhaps HKW Berlin ( House of World Cultures ) is developing over the next couple years one of the more expanded and multi-cultural elaborations of what it all might mean. “A new component of the Earth system is emerging today, comparable in scale and function to the bio- and hydrosphere. It is driven by the intertwining of natural environments with vast socio-technical forces and increasingly diverse technological species.” Ongoing public programs continue until 2018.

As the XLterrestrials found out in our recent encounter w/ a 9-day HKW seminar on the topic, it also depends ALOT on who you’re asking and who’s being affected by its impacts how these issues are being framed.

XLterrestrials would like to add to the mix, a little fact and social friction : “Technospheres represent either an urgent field of research for illuminating how + where + by whom Corporate Krapitalism now threatens an expanded Techno-Industrial Fascism, a global-scale ecocidal trajectory… OR, if we’re lucky, A WAY OUT ! “

Dangers + complexities abound !

We wish to put the raw and incomplete view on the table for the public to analyze, react, navigate, take further. We’ll feature some collected media bits and ask questions to trigger your own interpretations . (  See a possible playlist below )

Where art we now in the technotopian cesspools ? And should we stop beating around the dying shrubs and begin asking what’s to be done?

Is it now techno-turtles all the way down? An endless warehouse of human-made cans of worms with an ominous shelf-life? Or is it all fodder for creative and ecologically-invested mind-bodies to come up with better possible worlds !

Warning: Superhuman Humor + Handkerchiefs ( for the teary-eyed ) may be required !

” Technospheres, you’re soaking in them ! ” XLt analyst


Possible Playlist + Notes + Your suggestions welcome !



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