A Military Theater and Its Double …


There’s probably no better place to be contemplating and writing about the various inputs of the last days then at the 10th Re:publica #rpTEN…

The volatile and sublime stew of multi-purposed ingredients cooking in our brains, as we sit in a corner of The Networking Lounge …  cozy … equipped w/ 1st coffee of the day… an insecure net connection …. and a bubbling repulsion of these corporate-sized rainbow scoops of our deranged Doppelwelten ( double worlds )… the Digital Cult… and the freshly-served Happy Meal packages of a hyper-duped Citizens Industrial Complex.

Luckily David Hasselhof is not around this year to tell us how he champions privacy… rather Snowden will have to fill his shoes.


“If our life lacks a constant magic it is because we choose to observe our acts and lose ourselves in consideration of their imagined form and meaning, instead of being impelled by their force.”

Antonin Artaud, The Theater and Its Double


Over the last days, we’ve absorbed many stories that when juxtaposed and allowed to seep into each other become like a prism through which to see the planet in it’s current upside down form, tumbling into a collective and personalized miasmic spasm….

A few things: Technosphere campus at HKW – house of world cultures, Nervous System exhibition at HKW, Doppelwelt Street art project by Topsy Quret, a trip to the Leipzig Zoo… and now Re:publica, another kind of zoological collection, inappropriate and undignified. Like people who are voluntarily putting themselves into various display cages, doll houses, quarantined, as though they might serve as reminders of a former time when the planet roamed with life forms prior to The Great Disneyfication …


Meanwhile, if you are in Btropolis, go see Topsy Quret’s new street art project in Berlin…

… In Kreuzberg….

more on that also coming soon…

And yesterday in World Press Freedom Day(s)… Snowden writes in the Guardian about a world of “tagged animals”

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