Life and Death in the Technospheres v.1



Life and Death In The Technospheres

About the Technosphere Project ( 2015-2018 ) at HKW


We are currently researching at the HKW in Berlin, where a series of public exhbitions ( and a closed group seminar this week ) are taking place on their new curatorial focusĀ  – the Technosphere. The curriculum resources are available online here. This also includes their previous investigations of The Antrhopocene from a seminar which took place in 2014.

Part 1:


One seminar included a presentation that went very deep in describing how the financial trade markets work in the technospheres (i.e. high speed non-human operating algorithms ), it is one of 3 primary engines ( together w/ big agro and fossil fuels ) that are driving anthropogenic global warming… we’re in creepy deep shit ! no joke ! no sitcom !

Time is of the essence !

Stay tune for XLterrestrials analysis.

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